Friday, March 14, 2014

Favorite Misdemeanor Song Poll Results

A whole ago I put up a poll to see what your guys' favorite song from Misdemeanor was.  My first instinct was that either "Night Run" or "Mean Streets" would win since they were the hits. No personally picked "One Heart" but I didn't think that would win.  The results were actually semi-surprising to me.  There was a tie for first place between "The Chase" and "Night Run" with two votes. Second place was "One Heart" with one vote. Last place went to "Mean Streets" with no votes at all.  I was so surprised to see that the latter song didn't get any votes at all, because that song is insane, and it's a great rocker.  Overall I know "Night Run" would win, but it was a surprise to see "The Chase" tie, even though it's a fantastic song.  What do you think of these results?