Saturday, January 25, 2014

If You Like UFO... You May Like...

Here is a list of bands that I recommend to any big fans of UFO.

1. Thin Lizzy
2. Nazareth
3. Uriah Heep
4. Rainbow(listen to the second album, it's their best).
5. Saxon
6. Accept
7. Aerosmith
8. ACDC(Bon Scott years)
9. Ratt
10. Whitesnake 
11. Blue Cheer

While all these bands aren't exactly like UFO, I think that fans of the greatest hard rock band may appreciate these names.  A lot of these bands are very underrated(just like UFO).  Thin Lizzy was very much alike, because they had a different sound than most bands of the time, they had great songs and were consistent, and they didn't get really big.  Nazareth is also very similar with their insane riffs, and emotional vocals.  Whitesnake has their moments where they sound like UFO.  Check out their song "Here I Go Again," and I swear some of the lines in the song were influenced by "Love To Love."  Aerosmith is a great alternative, because their early material is very raw, just like UFO.  Definitely check out all of these bands if you haven't already. If you're going to check out Rainbow, the just listen to the whole Rainbow Rising album, because it has amazing songs from top to bottom including; "Tarot a Woman," "Run With The Wolf," "Starstruck," "Do You Close Your Eyes," "A Light In The Black," and their best song "Stargazer."  If you're going to listen to Saxon, then check out the songs "Princess of the Night," "Denim and Leather," "Dallas 1 pm," and their cover of "Ride Like The Wind" by Christopher Cross.  When it comes to Accept, the standouts are "Balls to the Wall," "Reckless and Wild," "Fast As A Shark," "London Leatherboys," and "Hellfire."  Uriah Heep is much more similar to early UFO with Mick Bolton, and their standouts are "The Wizard, " "Lady in Black," and "Easy Livin'."  Blue Cheer was a psychedelic band from the 60's, and their debut album Vincebus Eruptum sounds a lot like early UFO. Their cover of "Summertime Blues" by Eddie Cochran is known to be the first metal song ever, and it sounds a little like the cover of "C'mon Everybody" on UFO 1.  Ratt was a great 80's band, and they actually had Michael Schenker in the band briefly.  They have a very cool sound to their music, largely because of Warren Demartini's innovative guitar style, and Stephen Pearcy's awesome voice.  Some standouts by this band are "Body Talk," "Lay it Down," and " Round and Round." There are so many other bands that have been influenced, or sound like UFO, and if you want to recommend any feel free to comment.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Least Favorite UFO Album.....

Even the best bands of music have their clunker album. Yes this includes UFO... The band was mainly consistent, but there was one dreaded album in their catalog.  This album was the 1983 Making Contact.  This album is a low point of UFO's music, and a low point in rock and roll alone. The sings are really really cheesy, the band fell into the basic 80's sound, and the performances aren't all that great either.  The high point of the album is "When it's Time To Rock," and even that song is ruined by a cheesy chorus.  Then there are annoying songs like "Diesel in the Dust."  I just think that this album shows a bad case of writer's block, because a lot of the songs are pathetic.  When it comes to bands like UFO, I hate to trash because they are so amazing, but I feel it's good to be honest when something truly bad was released. This album was the prime example of that.  If you want to hear great albums from the 80's by UFO, go to Mechanix, No Place To Run, The Wild The Willling and the Innocent, or Misdemeanor, because these are quality albums with great songs, and great performances.  Then there is the 70's UFO albums like Lights Out, No Heavy Petting, Force It, Strangers in the Night, and Phenomenon.  Then there are the Mick Bolton albums, the Vinnie Moore albums, etc. Just avoid this terrible album..... It really doesn't reflect on the amazingness of UFO, because they are the best hard rock band, and this is one of the worst albums I've ever heard.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Favorite Pete Way Bass Riff

If I had to choose a riff by Pete Way on the bass, it would definitely be "Lights Out." The reason why is it is a very chugging riff, and it sounds so much like the sound that would later be adopted by Irpn Maiden. It just has so much energy, and it is insane. It's also very cool to watch Pete play it live! because he really gets into it.  Do you have a different favorite? Leave comment.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Years Everyone!!!!!

I want to wish you all a Happy New Years!!!!  Let this be a rocking year, and make everything good that has gone bad in the past!  Welcome 2014!!!!! Goodbye 2013!!!!!!!