Thursday, February 20, 2014

What I Think About the Soon To Be Released Box Set By UFO

I was just looking around on amazon, and I noticed that there was a new UFO box set coming out.  It is the Complete Studio Albums: 1974-1986.  While I think it's cool that there is a new box set out, I don't see how this is that much different than the Chrysalis Years box sets.  It's the same exact albums, and they're still on audio cd.  I think it'd be a much better idea to make a box set of the next group of albums after Misdemeanor, because it'd be something new, and frankly I think fans would go crazier over this.  The other cool thing they could done was keep the same albums as this box set has, and make it vinyl.  I guess the thing that can possibly make this thing exciting is potential bonus tracks, but amazon had nothing about them on the website.  So truly I don't see anything super special about this release, but hey I may be surprised. What do you think about this?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Interesting Fact I Learned On That Metal Show

On the last episode of my favorite tv show That Metal Show, there was a fact I learned that really blew my mind.  On the "Stump The Trunk" segment of the show, one of the questions was "what UFO song shares it's name with a a Beatles song?" This really stumped me, because only thing that came to my mind was "Mother Mary" being a main part of the song "Let It Be."  The answer ended up being "I'm A Loser." I never knew there was a Beatles song with that name, so I was very surprised.  Anyways if you like UFO, then check out That Metal Show, because all of the guys(especially Eddie Trunk) are fans of the band.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Anyone Know How Pete Way Is Doing???

A subject that's been on my mind a lot is Pete Way's cancer.  I have tried to look for recent articles to see his condition, but nothing is on the internet.  With rock heroes like Dio dying of cancer, I just hope Pete is luckier. Does anyone know how he is doing?  Comment on this if you do because I'm super curious.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Favorite Atomik Tommy M Guitar Solo

Atomik Tommy M came into the band after the departure of one of my favorites Paul Chapman.  Although he didn't make the impact in the band that Schenker and Chapman, he was still an amazing guitarist that could really rip out an an intense solo.  My favorite guitar solo by Tommy has to be the one in "Night Run." Although this isn't the best song on Misdemeanor, it is so cool, and the solo is mind blowing and his best for sure.  He gets such an amazing sound out of his guitar, and even though it's a very quick solo, you feel every note, and it's just extremely memorable.  I kind of hear a Randy Rhoads influence on the solo in some ways. I really love how Tommy keeps the solo high on the neck, because it's a better place for his bends, and he gets more feeling down there.  This solo is truly fantastic, and it shows Tommy at his best. The song in general is extraordinary too, and it's definitely worth a chance for listening to.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Something I've Changed My Mind On.

When I first wrote an article on my favorite UFO producer, I chose George Martin from No Place To Run.  I still love his production on that album a bunch, but I think he is second to Ron Nevison. The reason I say this is that he produced Lights Out, Obsession, and Strangers in the Night.  Just Strangers In the Night alone is enough to prove he is the best. He just perfectly executed everything on this album. He made the flow amazing, and it really sounds like you are at the concert right now, the biggest reason for this is that there isn't any gap between the songs at all, so it is so much more realistic.  The other two albums he produced are perfect too; especially Lights Out.  As you can see I changed my opinion after listening to these albums again, and I think this decision is a little more logical.  No Place To Run really impressed me because of the sound on songs like "Lettin Go," "Mystery Train," and "Anyday," but as a producer I think Nevison is better in general. Do you agree with this change in opinion?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Another Band UFO Fans May Like....

In the time that I last wrote about bands that UFO fans may like, I discovered a fantastic band that you guys would love. Their name is Y and T. They started in 1974, as Yesterday and Tomorrow, but in the 80's they changed their name and became a underground classic band like UFO.  The only song that really got big by Y and T is the dreadful "Summertime Girls," but don't let this be a judgment of the rest of the band's catalog. They wrote some of the most brutally heavy riffs I have ever heard. And Dave Meniketti is a master of singing and guitar playing. Check out the songs "Open Fire," "Winds Of Change," "Black Tiger," "Forever," "Lipstick and Leather, "Mean Streak," "Barroom Boogie," "Dirty Girl," "Rescue Me," "I'm Coming Home," "My Way Or The Highway," "Don't Want a To Lose," and I promise your mind will be blown. These guys are truly insane.