Sunday, June 30, 2013

Beginnings Album Review


Beginnings is a high quality collection of all of the work the band did with Mick Bolton.  I like this set a lot because it is very original, it has good sound quality, and it has a bonus track.  The only thing that I think is missing is that it doesn't have the amount of bonus material that the Chrysalis Years set had.  This album was put on to two discs.  The first disc has UFO 1 and some of UFO 2: Flying.  The second disc has the rest of Flying, and the band's early love classic UFO 3: Live.  The album also has a bonus track called "Galactic Love," which was a single released by the band in 1972.  The sound quality is very nice, because it sounds remastered, but it also doesn't ruin the sound of the original cuts.  I think that if this album put some extra live tracks, or alternate cuts of songs; it would definitely be perfect.  I think that this set is very affordable, because I bought it on Amazon for only 9 dollars.  This is much better than buying the albums separately, because you will be paying much more.  

I think that this set is very convenient, and it is definitely a great way to get in to the early band.  It is very cool to display too with its awesome album cover.  I highly recommend this box set, and it is a great buy.

What Is Your Favorite Paul Chapman Era Song?

Even though my favorite era of UFO is when Michael Schenker was on the band, I still think that Paul Chapman was completely awesome in the band.  He had so many catchy riffs, and also phenomenal guitar solos.  The songs of this era were also great too.  I feel that these albums were close to as good as any of the albums of the previous era.  These songs were much more of the type of song that could be a huge radio hit.  They had great choruses, and all around great vocal performances from Phil.  I feel that this era almost got a Foreigner type of sound to it.  Some of the songs of this era had a very brutal hard rock sound to them, while some had an uplifting pop sound.  My favorite original song of this era is "Anyday" from the album No Place To Run.  The reason why I love this song is because its chorus has such an in your face feeling to it.  Other songs from this era are also great.  Their cover of "Mystery Train" is completely phenomenal, and it has some of the greatest guitar playing of all time.  "Anyday" is still my favorite, because of the song's vibe and darkness.  What is your favorite song from the Paul Chapman era?

What Is The Greatest UFO Riff?

UFo has gained the glory of knowing that they have created some of the greatest riffs of all time.  From every period, there have been standout riffs.  Some may say that their favorite riff by the band would be "Rock Bottom," because of how Michael graces around the neck.  Some may say "Wonderland" because of its speedy thrash feel to it.  There are so many great choices to pick for your favorite, and you can't really go wrong.  My favorite riff by the band is with guitar player Michael Schenker, and the song is "This Kid's.". The reason why I love this riff so much is that it is so in your face, and it is also pretty technically amazing.  Michael was definitely able to pull this off on so many songs, but I feel that this is the best example.  He also put so much emotion into this song, and it fits very well to the lyrics.  What is your favorite riff by UFO?

Friday, June 28, 2013

A Message Of Gratitude

I would like to thank anyone who has commented on my blog.  It has helped me figure out things I have to do to improve my site.  I have been told new songs to check out because I sadly will say that I haven't heard every song by UFO.  I would urge everyone to comment just because it really helps me a lot.  Thanks again.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Paul Chapman: The Perfect Replacement

In 1979, Michael left UFO right after the Strangers In The Night tour.  This was a terrifying scenario for UFO and the fans of the band, because Michael made such a mark in the band.  The biggest question that went through people's minds was who would replace a guitar god like Michael.  The band found the perfect replacement, Lone Star guitarist Paul Chapman.  Chapman wasn't a stranger to UFO, because he had toured with the band throughout the entire Schenker era, and they even tried to make a guitar duo for the albums(which never worked with Michael).  In 1980, Paul made his first album with the band.  It was titled No Place To Run.  This album was a modest hit for the band, because it hit 51 on the US charts, and it featured classics like "Young Blood," they're cover of "Mystery Train," and "Lettin' Go."  This album immediately showed Paul's amazing talent on the guitar.  Some songs showed his bluesy side, while others showed his hardcore rocking style.  He has such a great riffing style, and his solos are flawless.  He was such a great choice for a replacement because he had a lot of attitude like Michael, but he also never tried to copy him.  

Paul made three more albums with the band.  The Wild, The Willing, And The Innocent in 1981, Mechanix in 1982, and Making Contact in 1983.  These albums featured hits like "Lonely Heart," "LetIt Rain," "We Belong To The Night," and "Chains Chains."  A lot of these songs had a very arena rock feel to them, and they were also perfect for the radio with their catchy choruses, and amazing riffs.  

Paul left the band in 1984, and he has definitely been less remembered than Michael and Vinnie.  I feel that he was a very important part of the band.  He came in, and did the job to save the band from having to go from hard times.  He is a phenomenal guitarist, and he is definitely one of the most underrated.  I think it is essential to check Paul out, because he is the real deal when it comes to guitar.

Young Blood Tab

Here is a tab to a great song from the Paul Chapman era.  I did the rhythm part, the solo is quite easy so it shouldn't be much of a problem to learn by ear.  If you have any questions just ask me.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What Is Phil Mogg's Best Vocal Performance?

What is Phil Mogg's best vocal performance?  That is an extremely difficult question to answer, because every one of his performances are amazing.  He always puts so much emotion and power into his lyrics, and he is so aggressive.  Trying to pick a favorite of his performances is also very hard, because not many people will agree on one single performance.

My favorite performance from Phil Mogg is on the 1975 song "Let It Roll."  The reason why is that in my opinion, this showcases his most aggressive singing, and he just sounds flawless.  He shows that he can be powerful and intense without having to scream.  He just has that vibe to his voice that can make you have chills.

What is your favorite vocal from Phil Mogg? Share your opinions in the comment box so we can your opinion on the subject

A New Announcement

Hello everyone, I decided that I would like to have two blogs at once.  This is so I can express feelings about more than one thing, and so you can see different sides of my taste.  The new blog that I will start working on is about another one of my favorite bands Iron Maiden.  As you may have read n my blog, Iron Maiden was extremely influenced by UFO, so I feel it is very appropriate to share these new plans of mine with you.  If you would like to check the blog out, it is under my links on the side of this blog.  I hope you enjoy it, and also check out my UFO blog because I will also be writing on this too.  Thank everyone.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

UFO 3: Live Album Review


UFO Live was released in 1972, and it was the last album to feature Mick Bolton.  This album really show the band's live talent; even if it isn't as good as Strangers In The Night.  It features the most famous of the Mick Bolton UFO songs, so it is much more psychedelic than later live shows to come.  The concert was performed in Japan, because at the time this was where they were famous.  I think that for the first live album the band ever made, this is exceptionally good, because the production sounds great, and the songs are performed spot on.  A lot of the album is cover songs.  "C'mon Everybody" was originally by Eddie Cochran, "Who Do You Love" was originally by Bo Diddley, and "Loving Cup" was a song by the Rolling Stones.  These covers are all very good, because they bring a new sound and energy to them, and they are performed amazingly live.  The next song is the "Prince Kajuku" saga.  They put both of the songs together, and they sound amazing live because Mick Bolton brings the bluesy feeling of the studio and amps it up with so much more energy.  Phil's vocals sound very good as they do for the whole album.  The live version of "Boogie For George" is very neat because Mick Bolton once again sounds awesome with his guitar playing.  He uses the wah to an advantage because it gives the song an awesome sound to it.  The drumming is also very great, and it is aggressive as ever.  The next performance is "Follow You Home."   I think it is kind of humorous that they performed this song, because it is obviously a copy of "You Really Got Me."  This is proven because when they start the riff, the audience begins to sing the chorus to the infamous song by the Kinks.  It is still performed well, but it is just hard to love because of this.

UFO Live is a very good album, and while it definitely isn't as good as later live performances, it is an essential to check out.  It is much better than UFO 1, and it is only slightly behind Flying.  If you want to hear a different side of UFO, then definitely check this album out.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Who Is Your Favorite UFO Guitar Player?

Michael Schenker

Paul Chapman

Vinnie Moore

Or Mick Bolton?

This could be a hard question for anyone, because none of these players are slumps.  They all showcase their talents in many different ways, and they all made great music.  My favorite is Michael Schenker because of his feeling to his playing, because it is so great.  Who is your favorite?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Why UFO Should Be In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

The "Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame" has been a corporation where all of "The Best Rock Musicians" are recognized.  Among the many bands that should be in are UFO.  Even though they aren't the most famous band of all time, they have definitely made more of a mark in the genre that Madonna.  The quality of their music is so much better, and in my opinion, they are the definition of hard rock.  This is a shame that they have never even been nominated, because so many bands that don't deserve to be in there are first ballot picks.  I think that if the people of the corporation would sit down and listen to UFO, they would really regret putting ABBA in before them.

The problem with it all is that UFO fits the requirements to be in the "Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame."  First off, the band put out their first album well over 25 years.  They could've been eligible 19 years ago.  Second off they want bands that have displayed musical excellence.  I don't know many bands that have shown more excellence than UFO.  Third off they want bands that have had an influence on others.  There wouldn't be an Iron Maiden if it wasn't for UFO and Deep Purple(another band that isn't in the hall of fame).  Third off, they want a band that has a lengthy career.  UFO has been a band for 44 years.  That is a very long time for any musician.  

As you can see, UFO is well deserving of a spot in the hall of fame.  They are much more talented than many other bands that have been recognized, and they have an extremely large body of work.  I hope that one day they will get a spot, and I bet you all feel the same way.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Covers Of UFO

UFO has been one of the very few bands that can successfully cover songs.  It had been a key part to their early career, because many of their hits during the Mick Bolton days were covers.  The biggest from the early days was their cover of "C'mon Everybody" by Eddie Cochran.  This was famous because it made the song much heavier than the original.  The first three songs on the album above are covers.  "Who Do You Love" is by Bo Diddley, and "Loving Cup" is by The Rolling Stones.  The covers in these early days were often heavy and psychedelic, and often very bluesy.  These songs showed the chops of the early formation of the band, and I feel that they have possibly held up better than some of the other songs from the era.

On the album Phenomenon, the song "Built For Comfort" by Willie Dixon is covered.  I love this cover because it is very true to the original, and Michael Schenker's bluesy riff sounds awesome.  The covers during the Michael Schenker era were much better than the past era, and I listen to them much more.  On the album Lights Out, the song "Alone Again Or" by Love is covered.  Even though this is an often panned song, I feel that UFO did an amazing job covering it, because it is also very far from their comfort zone.

One of my favorite covers by UFO is "Come Away Melinda" by Harry Belafonte.  This song was originally released in 1963, and it is much different than the version UFO did.  It had been covered by many other musicians like Judy Collins, Uriah Heep, and Tim Rose.  I think that the version by Uriah Heep had the biggest influence on UFO, because it is the most psychedelic version of the song.  UFO had the best performance of the song, because they made it much more dark and psychedelic and it is much more enjoyable than the original. 


My favorite cover of all time by the band is "Mystery Train."  The reason why this cover is my favorite is that they took a classic song from the 30's that had also been covered by Elvis Presley, and they turned it into a brutal rock song.  I love how it goes from the bluesy acoustic playing to the extremely heavy electric guitar from Paul Chapman.  Phil's vocals are also completely amazing.  What is your favorite UFO cover?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Will UFO Put Out Another Album?

UFO has performed for the last 44 years, and even with their 2012 album Seven Deadly, they sound better than ever.  I'm curious if the band will ever put out another album.  I think it could be very possible, because everyone sounds great, and none of the members are extremely old.  I think it would be neat if they made another album, because they always show different sides to them on different albums, and I think that there is a lot they could still explore.  They are also one of the few bands that are able to still showcase their talent after all these years.  UFO is also still traveling all around the world, and that is some hard work, so I think that maybe they would still have the will to put out another album.

I think that Phil is the kind of person that will perform until he is unable to, and he seems like he would put out another album because he really cares about the name of UFO.  If the band were to retire, I feel that it would be only for a really good reason, and they seem like they would keep going on.  Do you think UFO should make another album?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wonderland Tab

Here's another great Vinnie song that I just tabbed.  Everything should be right, but if you have any questions just ask me.  Hope you rock out to this one.


X-UFO is a band that comprises of former UFO and Michael Schenker Group members.  The member are, Danny Peyronel, Laurence Archer, Rocky Newton, and Clive Edwards.  They take time covering old UFO songs, and they also write new songs too.  I have listened to the band on YouTube, and while they don't sound as good as UFO, they do still do the songs justice.  My favorite that they have done is their version of "Let It Roll," because the guitar playing sounds great, and the vocals also sound great.  I think that this band is a good thing because members like Danny Peyronel did a lot to get UFO to where they are now, and its cool to see that he still cares about their music.  I highly recommend checking them out online, because they are very neat.

The Best Guitar Solo By Michael Schenker In UFO

Michael Schenker was in UFO from 1973-1979, and in these six iconic years; Michael broke all boundaries of what is known as a guitar solo.  He played with more emotion and preciseness than any guitar player before him, and he influenced many.  It is so hard to pick the best guitar solo Michael ever played, because so many of them are amazing.  Whether it is the speedy and emotional ending of "Love To Love," or it's the chill worthy solo in "Born To Lose," they are all great.  My favorite would probably have to be the solo in "Born To Lose," because it starts very Scorpion like, and it ends up being a very emotional solo that just showcases Michael flying across the neck.  I love this solo so much because of certain runs he does.  

What is your favorite one of Michael's solos? Is it the same as me, or is it different?  Comment to me to let me know.  

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Ballads Of UFO

UFO has gained a great amount fame from their emotional ballads.  This all started on their first album when they made the sad and psychedelic ballad called "Come Away Melinda."  Even though this wasn't the best of the ballads, it really did serve as a benchmark for what would come in later eras.  

In later years, the band made some of the most beautiful ballads of all time.  Whether it was the emotional "Born To Lose," or the dark "Belladonna," there was always still a peacefulness, and the songs were always relaxing.  The song "Looking Out For No. 1" had a more pop feel to it, but it still goes back to the band's rock roots with Michael's chill worthy guitar solo.  "Love To Love" was my favorite of their ballads, because while it is soft, there are still headbanger moments, and. It also probably the most complex song ever written.

I think that a huge contributor to UFO's ballads is Phil Mogg's vocals.  His perfect tone, and emotional voice make every song chill worthy.  He has so many styles of vocals in his ballads, whether it is pop or southern rock.  He never makes a ballad sound the same, because he puts a special piece into each one.  I also feel that piano is a huge part of UFO's ballads, because intros on songs like "Try Me" instantly draw you into the songs.

Something that evolved into the ballads on later albums with Michael like Lights Out and Obsession were the strings.  The opening lines in songs like "Looking Out For No. 1" are extremely emotional, because strings can hit such a sweet spot of peoples' hearts.  My favorite is probably in "Love To Love," because even the technical side of the strings are completely amazing.

As you can see, UFO really did a lot to help their careers with their ballads. They were able to capture so many people's hearts with their emotional side.  What is your favorite ballad by UFO? You can share this by commenting to me. 

What Is The Best UFO Album Cover?

Over the years, a big part of UFO has been their album covers.  They had famed cover company Hipgnosis make their covers from the mid 70's to the early 80's.  These are probably the most famous album covers by the band, because they include Force It and Strangers In The Night.  These early album covers had a very smart sense of humor.  They also had great artwork that featured intriguing detail. Even with the most recent cover Seven Deadly; the album cover is still so detailed and in a way humorous, and it was made by a different artist than the old ones.   My favorite album cover from the band would have to be Strangers In The Night because it just has such an insane feel with the people screaming on the front, and all of the different colors give their cover an interesting feel to it.

My question to you is, what is your favorite album cover by UFO?  It can be from any era of the band by any artist.  Please comment me on this so I can see your opinions.  I would love to figure out what other people consider the best cover to be.  

Saturday, June 15, 2013

No Heavy Petting Album Review


No Heavy Petting was third album by UFO to feature Michael Schenker.  Even though it does feature some of my favorite songs by the band like "Natural Thing" and "I'm A Loser," I don't think it is their best album to feature Michael.  Every song on the album is great, I just don't think that it is as good as Obsession or Light's Out.

The first song on the album is "Natural Thing."  This song is a great opener because it has an in your face riff that really sets the tone for the album.  I love Phil's aggressive lyrics, and Andy's drumming is really energetic.  The next song "I'm A Loser" is awesome, because it has a great acoustic riff, and it transitions great into the electric part. The song features one of Michael's best solos, because it is mind blowing in how he flies down the neck.  I think Phil's lyrics are absolutely amazing on this song, and he probably gives his best chorus on this song.  His tone is just flawless, and there isn't one note that doesn't sound good.  The next song on the album is the heavy rocker "Can You Roll Her."  It starts with a very Deep Purple keyboard riff by Danny Peyronel.  This song is a very different, because it is very heavy but also a little progressive at the same time.  Michael's speedy guitar solo is absolutely amazing.  It was one of the first solos to catch my ear by him.  After this song, the album takes a much darker and softer turn with the ballad "Belladonna."  This song has such a disturbing beauty to it, because it is a song of hate and pain, but it so peaceful at the same time.  It features some very eerie acoustic playing by Michael, and very emotional lyrics from Phil that you can hear much distress in.  When Michael kicks in the electric guitar, he plays a slow but amazing solo that will give you chills.  Te album becomes heavy again with the song "Reasons Love."  This is an all out rocker that features a flashy riff by Michael, and aggressive vocals by Phil.  Michael's solo is so fast that it is actually crazy compared to any others on the song.  The next song is called "Highway Lady."  This song should've been a hit, because at the time that it came out this was like or even better than most pop songs out there.  It has awesome vocals, and a very catchy riff.  The next song "On With The Action" is awesome because it starts with a riff similar to something Black Sabbath would do.  The lyrics are awesome because the phrasings are perfect, and they really tell a story.  I love this song, and it is probably one of the best of the album.  The next song "A Fool In Love" is a bluesy type of song that is very similar to the Rolling Stones.  It is a good song, but it is probably the least memorable of the album.  The next song "Martian Landscape" is the most different song of the album. It is a very psychedelic ballad, and it kind of sounds like it would've fit well on Phenomenon.  Being the most different song on the album does not make it bad at all though, because it is still a rocking song, and I like more than some of the others on the album.  The pre chorus of the song where the electric kicks in is cool, because it is kind of funky in a way.  Overall, I think this is a very cool song that is definitely very creative at the same time.

Even though this album was a step down from Force It; that doesn't at all mean that you shouldn't check this album out.  It is a very rocking album, and there really are some classics on it.  I recommend this album highly, but I think it should be an album that you listen to later since it isn't the best album the band made.  

Why I Think It Is Essential For UFO To Do A Tour In America

UFO tours all around the world, but I have noticed that they never seem to come to America.  I know that reasons for this could be that they think that there won't be as much of audience in the US, but results of my blog show that the amount of Americans that have checked out my site way more than other countries like the UK and Germany.  I feel that if the band came to America; many fans including me would have the amazing chance to go see our favorite band without having to pay for all of the expenses to go half way around the world.  I know that in my opinion, UFO is best live, and many people including me would love to have this chance to go see them.  I feel that they could also gain an even better audience if they tour here, because not many stores sell a large collection of their CDs sadly, and if they advertised the tour right, many new fans could be formed.  

I will say this in the place of many, but anyone who wasn't alive at the time of the Strangers Of The Night tour in America probably wishes they cold go back in time.  If UFO came to America for a couple great shows, then this could make a lot of peoples' days.  If the band and promoters just knew about the fan base in America, then maybe this would be able to happen, the sad thing though is that even with the fans that they do have, they probably don't think this will be enough to have a full arena.  If you feel the same as I do, comment on this article, because I know that a US tour could be something really important for fans, and I hope it can happen some day.

What I Think Of Vinnie Moore In UFO

Over the last decade, Vinnie Moore has done the impossible by replacing Michael Schenker in UFO.  I feel that he was an excellent choice for a guitar player, because he has a lot of awesome melodies, and he has a lot of emotion in his playing.  Being a shredder, Vinnie was a big risk to put in the band, because some shredders just don't have that emotion that Michael has.  The reason for this is that shredders try to be as fast as possible, and that doesn't leave a lot of room for a connection with the audience.  But in Vinnie's case, he has a humongous amount of emotion, but he also has the technical skills to blow the minds of listeners with his speed and other crazy antics.  I think that the song "Wonderland" on Seven Deadly is a great example of this, because he plays fast and he has a thrash riff for the intro, but he shows a great amount of chill inducing playing, especially in the solo.  He can hit bends that not many shredders I have heard can do.  Another shredder that I can compare Vinnie to is Steve Vai, because he can also hit these emotional notes.

Even though I like Michael Schenker in the band more, I think that Vinnie is about as close anyone will get to reliving that era.  He is an amazing talent, and his riffs and solos are truly brilliant.  I can't wait to listen to more by Vinnie, and I highly recommend his era to anyone that hasn't heard it.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Force It Review


Force It was the second album by UFO to feature guitarist Michael Schenker.  Not only do I think this album was a huge improvement to the already great Phenomenon, but I think this is one of the best studio albums UFO ever put out.  It has so many classics like "Let It Roll" and "Shoot Shoot," but from top to bottom, it is great.  This is also the heaviest UFO album to feature Michael, because with the exception of the classic "High Flyer," there are not any other ballads at all.  This is cool, because even though I love the band's ballads, I think it is refreshing to hear an all out, aggressive album.

The album starts out with "Let It Roll."  The opening siren type noise makes this an awesome opener for an album, and this is definitely one of the heaviest songs that the band ever put out.  Phil's vocals are the main contributor to this, because he has so much power to it.  Michael's guitar solo is very special in this song.  The tone is amazing, and it is so emotional.  The next song "Shoot Shoot" is an awesome song with awesome vocals, and awesome riff, and an awesome chorus.  I love this song because it is a great anthem type of song, and Phil sounds completely amazing.  The next song is the emotional ballad "High Flyer."  This song features great acoustic playing by Michael Schenker, flawless vocals by Phil, and a great guitar solo.  I feel that this song is just so easy listening, but it also has so much sadness to it, and it really makes you feel a lot.  The next song of the album is called "Love Lost Love," and while not as memorable as the other songs on the album, it is still a great song with a cool riff and some great vocals.  After this song, one of my favorites "Out In The Street" is played.  I love this song, because the keyboards have such a magical feel to them, and Phil's lyrics are very cool.  The riff is simple but the chords are played with so much power that you can't deny it.  Even though this song is performed much better on the Strangers In The Night album, the studio version is also very cool.  The next song "Mother Mary" starts right off with an in your face three chord riff that has you banging your head right away.  Michael's guitar tone is very cool, because there is such a fullness to the guitar sound, and it never feels flat at all.  I also like when the chorus comes in, because it is a breakdown from the heaviness, and Phil's voice sounds awesome.  Like I said about "Out In The Street," this song is also much better on Strangers In The Night, but the studio version is definitely worth checking out.  The next two songs "Too Much Of Nothing," and "Dance Your Life Away" are lesser known songs, but they are both very cool.  I like how "Too Much Of Nothing" is a little more experimental with song structure, because it really goes off into a little direction a little bit, and it really rocks.  "Dance Your Life Away" has a really rocking riff, and it is also a really neat song all around.  The final song on the album is "This Kid's (Including 'Between The Walls').  This song starts with a mind blowing riff that is sort of bluesy, but is still a head banger.  Phil has some great lyrics once again, because he is very aggressive.  My favorite part of the song is the interlude that leads to the guitar solo.  The reason why is that even though it is the repetitive hitting of two chords, it has such a powerful jailhouse feel to it, and it really pumps me up.  The song reminds me of "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath in a way, because it starts with a very heavy song, but then it almost switches to a different song that is much lighter but more eerie.  I think that my favorite version of this song is also on Strangers Of The Night, because it has so much more energy, and it has a better guitar solo. The only problem with that version is that it does not have the second part of the song, and I really like that
part a lot.

Force It was a very important album for UFO.  The reason why is that it is the album where UFO really got their Arena Rock feel to their music.  This wasn't there for Phenomenon, because that album had a lot more of an experimental feel to it.  Force It is so full of energy, and so full of classics that it would probably have to be my third favorite studio album the band did.  I highly recommend this album, and it is an essential to any rock music collector.

Fight Night Tab

I had a request to put a song with Vinnie on guitar, and this is a fun one.  Everything is right on this tab, and I just made it so if you have any questions then just comment me

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lipstick Traces Tab

For this song, the first two lines are the first riff, and the last three lines are the second.  The whole songs repeats itself twice, and the ending is where the Em notes start on the last line twice, and a strummed Am.  I hope you have fun with this song, because it is very emotional, and its kind of simple.  If you have any questions, message me in the comment box.  Also, in the fourth line, the 1 on the high e string needs to be on the b string, and ignore the 3 on the high e string too.  Then on the fifth line the open note on the b string is supposed to be a first fret on the b string.  Sorry for the mistakes, they typos.  Thanks and I hope you enjoy this.

Michael Schenker Temple Of Rock: Live In Europe DVD Review


Michael Schenker Temple Of Rock: Live In Europe is a DVD that was released in 2012, and it showcases a concert that took place on May 13th of 2012, and it was performed to advertise the new Michael Schenker album Temple Of Rock.  It is a high energy video that features many big names in music like Michael Schenker, Pete Way, and Scorpions members Rudolph Schenker, Herman Rarebell, and Francis Bucholz.  The DVD has songs from Scorpions, UFO, and songs from all of Michael Schenker's solo projects.  The first song is an instrumental, and it is meant to be an introduction to the people on stage.  Michael's guitar playing is magnificent, as it is on the whole entire DVD.  Some of the standouts on the DVD are "Lovedrive" by Scorpions, "Coast To Coast" by Scorpions, "Another Piece Of Meat" by Scorpions, "Lights Out" by UFO, "Shoot Shoot" by UFO, "Rock You Like A Hurricane" by Scorpions, "Blackout" by Scorpions, and "Doctor Doctor."  

I like Michael's guitar tone so much on this album. He has such a clear and aggressive sound to his guitar.  I notice it even more than on anything I have ever heard him play.  The guitar solo on "Let It Roll" is the best sounding if the bunch, and it is completely amazing.  It just gives me the chills every time I hear it.  Herman Rarebell sounds great as always on his drums, and I think he does a great job with the UFO songs because he stays pretty true to the original beats.  Doogie White does a great job with vocals, especially on the Scorpions songs, and he also does a great job of singing the UFO songs, even though it doesn't even come close to Phil.

I feel that the songs that come from the Temple Of Rock album are also neat.  They have mind blowing guitar parts, and some great vocals too. The only thing I will say against them is that for this concert, the songs by UFO and the Scorpions definitely impress me much more.  I am going to take a listen to the album though to see how they are in the studio because I really did like them a lot.

The bonus features of this disc include five songs from Michael Schenker's band playing at the High Voltage Festial in London England on July 24th of 2011.  The lineup is pretty much the same, except Michael Voss is the singer, and Elliot Dean Rubinson is the bass player.  I feel that the standout of this show is "Doctor Doctor," because it features Rudolph Schenker, and Pete Way.  It is a very neat version of the song, and it is neat to see the original bass player back for it.

Overall, I think this is a very good disc, I recommend it to any fan of Michael Schenker, because it has songs from all of his eras of music.  I wish that there was a little more UFO, but I felt that there was enough to review this DVD on my blog.  So if you want a good watch, then definitely buy this DVD

Natural Thing Tab

Turn every thing in to power chords.  The first two are the main riff.  The third line is the pre chorus, and the fourth is the bridge.  Improvise solo and chorus.  I made this by ear so if you have any questions then comment or email me.  Thanks

Phenomenon Album Review


Phenomenon was released in 1974, and it was the first UFO album to feature Michael Schenker.  This album features a lot of fan favorites; including "Rock Bottom," "Doctor Doctor," "Oh My," and "Queen Of The Deep," but I feel that this album was top to bottom amazing, and it features some great ballads.  The first song on the album "Oh My" is an aggressive hard rocker that has a cool riff, and a great chorus.  The next song is a masterpiece in my opinion, and it is called "Crystal Light."  It features some amazing acoustic guitar playing from Michael Schenker, a great chorus that has a slight country feel to it, and flawless vocals from the brilliant Phil Mogg.  The next song is a classic that has been loved by so many people, and it is called "Doctor Doctor."  The opening guitar riff is very soft and mysterious, then it transitions into a heavy riff that is instantly recognizable.  Phil Mogg's vocals are amazing, because they have an aggressive drive to them, and they show so much passion.  Pete Way's bass playing is awesome, because he is practically playing the riff just like Michael, and this is one of his parts that inspired bass players like Steve Harris.  The next song "Space Child" is a very neat song, because it has a very soft Eric Clapton feel to it.  Phil's vocals are awesome on this song because they are sort of mellow, but emotional at the same time.  The song also starts with a very cool electric riff by Michael Schenker that transitions perfectly into the folky acoustic riff.  The next song "Rock Bottom" features a classic riff that has been loved by the rock world for decades.  It also features some amazing drumming by Andy Parker, and I find that Phil Mogg's aggressiveness to his vocals makes it one of his best performances.  Michael's guitar solo is simply amazing, and it is also very long too.  The next song "Too Young To Know" is neat because it almost has a Lynryd Skynrd feel to it, and it has a great Southern Rock riff to it.  I also love Phil Mogg's vocals a lot, because they have an amazing tone to them.  The song is a little more experimental than some others on the album, and I like it a lot.  The next song "Time On My Hands," is a very emotional ballad type of a song, and it features some great acoustic playing, great drumming, and awesome vocals.  It is a very peaceful song, and I like it a lot.  The next song is the only cover of the album, and it is "Built For Comfort" by Wille Dixon.  I love this version of the song, because it has so much attitude, whether it is with the vocals, the guitar, or even the drumming. I think it is an example of how great of a cover band UFO has been these last few decades.  The next song on the album is an instrumental called "Lipstick Traces."  I love this song so much, because it has so much emotion, and it is so relaxing to listen to.  It is also one of my favorite songs on the album.  The last song on the album is also my favorite, and it is called "Queen Of The Deep."  I love this song because it starts out soft, but then it starts this vicious riff that you can't help but bang your head on.  The end of the song even manages to get heavier, because Michael gives every last ounce of playing that he has in the final riff.  I also feel that I should mention Andy Parker's drumming in the song, because he puts some truly amazing fills in that give such a cool contribution to the song's heaviness.

Phenomenon may not be the best UFO album of all time, but it is definitely essential to any fan of rock music.  The guitar playing is top notch, the vocals are mind blowing, and the rhythm section is very special too.  I recommend this album to anyone, and I hope you check it out if you haven't already.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lights Out Album Review

5/5 stars
"Misty green and blue, oh to love to love you."
      Lights Out was the first studio album that I had purchased by UFO, and it blew my mind.  Top to bottom, the album boasts great songs; including my favorite song of all time, "Love To Love."  The album was the first by UFO to use strings on songs, and it brings a really emotional feel to the heartfelt ballads.  The opening song is the fan favorite "Too Hot To Handle."  I love this song because the riff is very fun to play on guitar, and it has a very catchy chorus.  The next song "Just Another Suicide" is cool because it has great keyboard playing by Paul Raymond, and an awesome build up in the vocals to the point where it becomes extremely powerful.  The next song "Try Me" is one of my favorite songs on the album because it is a heartfelt ballad with emotional lyrics, and a mind blowing guitar solo from Michael Schenker that gives me the chills every time I hear it.  The next song "Lights Out" is one of UFO's most aggressive songs they ever wrote.  With a heavy riff from Michael Schenker, and Pete Way backed up the riff with his hard bass playing.  The lyrics are very heavy, and they bring a whole bunch of power to the song.  Michael Schenker's two guitar solos are mind blowing on this song, and while fast, they also carry so much emotion at the same time.  The next song "Gettin' Ready" is a less memorable song, but it still has a very cool riff.  The next song is the cover of "Alone Again Or" by Love.  This cover is very good because it is note for note perfect, and it definitely captures the same emotion of the original.  The next song "Electric Phase" is one of my favorites on the album because of the extremely heavy guitar riff, great vocals, and Michael Schenker's creative experimentation with the slide guitar.  I like the in your face aggressiveness of the song, and how it captures a bunch of musical emotion.  The last song on the album is "Love To Love."  This song is one of the most complex songs of all time, and it is so magical to me.  It brings back memories of when I first got in to UFO.  I was sitting in my room listening to a greatest hits album by the band when this song came on.  I was amazed by the flawless intro.  An intro that inspired the theme song to the famed movie "Halloween."  Then I heard Phil Mogg's vocals, and I was amazed at how greatly he could control his tone.  Then the end of the song came, and my mind was completely blown when I heard the ending guitar solo.  It has so much emotion to it, and you could tell that Michael was using every last skill he had just for that solo.  I love to play this song on the guitar, and it will always be very special to me.
    Lights Out is a landmark in hard rock music.  It brought so much raw emotion to the music business, and it was UFO's album that first gave them a name in the business.  While it doesn't rise to the levels that Obsession and Strangers in The Night, it is still one of my favorite albums, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes music. 

Flying Album Review

   UFO 2: Flying was the second album released by UFO, and it featured original guitarist Mick Bolton.  I feel that this album was a huge improvement from the first, and it had better songs, production, and just a better vibe.  Top to bottom, the songs are great, and it gets a little more creative with its very long songs "Star Storm" and the 26 minute masterpiece "Flying."  The album starts with the song "Silver Bird."  It features a very cool riff from Mick Bolton, and Phil Mogg has some great vocals featured.  Pete Way also has some great bass lines, and Andy Parker's drumming is amazing.  The second song on the album is called "Star Storm."  It is a 19 minute song, and its very brilliant with sound effects.  Mick Bolton has a very cool guitar part too, because it is very spacey, especially in the long intro.  He also shows some great soloing chops at the same time.  Once again, Pete Way's bass playing is extremely aggressive.  Even though Phil Mogg's vocals don't come until late in the song, he has some very good phrasing, and his tone is extraordinary.  The next song "Prince Kajuku" has a very cool muted intro that leads into a very Joe Walsh like riff.  Andy Parker's drumming is amazing, especially when he comes in to the song.  The whole time he gives a wild Bill Wardish beat to the song.  The next song is the sequel to "Prince Kajuku," and it is called "The Coming Of Prince Kajuku."  It like the intro, because it features some very mellow from Mick Bolton.  Then when the drums start to march in, the riff gets a little harder, and then a Led Zeppelin like riff comes in.  I think that the rhythm section from Pete and Andy is amazing on this song as it always is, and Andy especially plays some of his best drumming on the song.  The song is an instrumental, but it never gets boring at all.  The last song on the album is my favorite, and it is the title track "Flying."  This song features the best guitar playing I ever heard from Mick Bolton.  His guitar solos are extremely emotional, especially the intro solo.  I feel that this is the song that shows he was no slouch on the guitar at all.  Phil Mogg gives a haunting vocal performance on this song, and the lyrics are just as eerie.  I love how this song can be almost a half hour long, but not once does a person get lost, because it is truly a rock masterpiece.
    Flying is the album that UFO really found their niche with.  It was a departure from the boogie songs of the first album, and it is so fun to listen.  I feel that any fan should listen to this album, because it is very different than the other periods of the band, and it is extremely neat.  So if you want to check out a new album by UFO, then this is definitely a great option.

The Unsung Members Of UFO

                                  Pete Way

   Even though Pete Way isn't in UFO anymore, I feel that he was/is a very important member of the band, and I also feel that at times that his contributions as the bass player of the band are underrated. Pete is an amazing bass player, because he plays with a huge amount of aggressiveness to his playing, and it really does its job of being the backbone to the band's rhythm.   I also notice that Pete is a musician's musician, because he was the influence of many top notch bassists like Steve Harris.  Even though he isn't a household name, I think he is also better than some of the very famous bassists like Gene Simmons and Geddy Lee.  

                              Andy Parker

I love Andy Parker's drumming, because he has so much emotion in his beats, and he is so easy to listen to.  I think that even when he does the simplest fills, like his fill into the verse of "Ain't No Baby," it is a fill that you look forward to hearing, and you almost always have to air drum it.  One of my favorite of his drum tracks is actually "Queen Of The Deep," because it has such an aggressive beat, and it is very Bill Wardish.  I think that Andy Parker is also one of my favorite drummers, because he also has a great control to his beats.  He doesn't try to be the fastest drummer in the world, but he gets a way better feel than if he were to be super fast.

                              Danny Peyronel

Even though Danny Peyronel was only on UFO's No Heavy Petting album, I feel that his keyboard playing in the band was very important for paving the way for Paul Raymond coming into the band.  His playing on songs like "Natural Thing" are very cool, because they almost serve as a back up guitar for the band when Michael was only playing by himself.  He had a very cool style to his playing, because it was very technically great like on "I'm A Loser," and he also just had a great feeling to his playing.

                                                  Far Left: Mick Bolton

I feel that even though Mick Bolton's guitar playing wasn't as good as Michael Schenker or Vinnie Moore, he had some really amazing solos on songs like "Flying," and "Come Away Melinda."  He had a much more psychedelic sound to his playing, and it made the vibe of the music much more spacey.  I think he was cool because he wasn't flashy.  His solos had a lot of emotion, and at times he reminded me a little of David Gilmour.  He is really a unsung member of the band, because it is hard to find out what is going on with him, and he is definetely not a household name at all.  I think that he wasn't featured in the best period of UFO, but he is definitely worth checking out.

    As I have said before, I feel that all of the members of this band are underrated, but I made this post to give credit to some of the members of the band that get the least attention.  All of them were very important to the band, and they deserve the same amount of credit as everyone else.

Phil Mogg: The Underrated Genius

Phil Mogg is one of my favorite singers of all time.  It isn't because he has crazy ranges, but it is because he has a perfect tone to his voice, and he belts out so much emotion in to his songs.  When you listen to songs like "Love To Love," you get to hear a mellow and passionate side to his voice, but if you listen to "Let It Roll," then you get to hear a heavy and aggressive side to him.
                                    Second Person: Phil Mogg with his band UFO

Phil is a very dedicated member to his band UFO, because he is the only member that has been on every single album.  The band wouldn't be the same without him, because he has become the defined member of the band.  Even during UFO's low times, he always kept the band's name alive.  Even 33 years after the band formed; he still sounds amazing, and he just helped make an awesome album called Seven Deadly.  

Phil Mogg is a very important, and also underrated member of the rock world.  Even though he isn't as good as Ronnie James Dio, he definitely deserves the same or even more credit than singers like Robert Plant.  I will always love Phil's voice, and if you haven't heard him, them check him out right away.

Still Great After All These Years: Seven Deadly Album Review

     When I first saw that UFO put out Seven Deadly, I wanted to buy it right away because I wanted to see how new music by the band would be.  Right away, when the song "Fight Night" started, I knew that this was going to be one heck of an album.  UFO has achieved being a band for 33 years.  But this album achieved them the glory of being able to still make great music.  They still play greater than ever, and they definitely still have that raw energy that defines them as a band.  The first song "Fight Night" starts out with a heavy riff by guitarist Vinnie Moore.  Then Phil Mogg starts to sing, and his vocals sound amazing.  The chorus is also great, because it has great lyrics, and great background vocals.  The next song on the album is called "Wonderland."  It has a very heavy riff, and it has amazing vocals.  The guitar solo by Vinnie Moore is mind blowing, and it is my favorite by him. The next song, "Goin' On Down To Mojo Town" is a great sng, because it is much different than most UFO songs because it has a very country feel to it.  It has a very catchy riff, and it also has a very memorable chorus.  After these three songs, the next seven songs are all great, but not as memorable.  My favorite of these songs is the fourth song on the album, "Angel Station."  It is a very touching Southern Rock ballad, and it has some great vocals by Phil Mogg.  I highly recommend this album.  It really shows UFO back at the top of their game, and it really does justice to their albums of the past.  It is one of my favorite albums by the band, and it is really worth buying.

The Most Amazing and Underrated Band of All Time

       The first song I ever heard by UFO was "Lights Out." When I heard Phil Mogg's amazing vocals, and Michael Schenker's screaming guitar solos, I knew almost instantly that there was something special about this band.  The band has so much more than a great frontman and amazing former guitar player though;  they have the pleasure of knowing that they got to have one of the greatest bass players of all time Pete Way in the band for over 30 years.  Also, drummer Andy Parker is one of my favorites, because he has an amazing feel to his playing.  The band has also been able to pull off having a plethora of different guitar players in the band that started with Mick Bolton, and is currently Vinnie Moore.  When I first heard "Lights Out," I also noticed an amazing raw sound that not many bands can pull off. They didn't care about sounding like Led Zeppelin, or being what people wanted them to be.  They just wanted to make amazing songs, and most importantly, rock.
     As I become an even more loyal fan to the band, I figure out that they are also one of the most consistent bands of all time.  I have listened to the first three albums with Mick Bolton, and they are all amazing albums that boast classics like "Flying," and "Come Away Melinda."  Every song and every album with Michael Schenker from the 1970's is completely amazing.  It has my favorite song of all time "Love To Love," and my favorite album of all time Strangers In The Night.  The songs that I have heard from the Paul "Tonka" Chapman era are also great.  My favorites in this era are "Chains Chains," and " Lonely Heart."
     I really feel that UFO is probably the most underrated band of all time.  Even as they make new music, not many people know who they are.  I only discovered them a year ago because of Eddie Trunk on That Metal Show, and since then I have wished I had known the band longer.  I have tried to expose friends to the band, and even though they think the songs are good, they go back to their songs.  I am making this blog to make my favorite band UFO a little more open to the public, so they  can finally get their much deserved fame that hasn't ever been fully given to them.