Friday, November 22, 2013

Results For Best Paul Chapman Song

The results for this poll were quite interesting.  There was a tie for first place, a tie for second place, and a tie for third place.  First place was taken by "Lonely Heart" and "We Belong To The Night."  They both had three votes.  Second place went to "Mystery Train" and "Profession of Violence."  They both had one vote. Third place went to "Anyday" and "Lettin Go" with no votes.  What do you think about these results?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Best Wishes To Pete Way

I have recently heard the very sad news that bass legend Pete Way has been diagnosed with cancer.  I really hope that everything goes well for him.  He is still young, and he has a lot of life ahead of him.  He has made a lot of the greatest music in the world, and I hope he can eventually continue to keep doing this.  I hope you all keep him in your prayers, because everyone wishes that he kicks this cancer right in the butt and keeps on living.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What is the Heaviest UFO Song?

UFO has been known for their hard-rocking sound, but once in a while they come out with an extremely heavy tune.  Some great examples of this are "Mother Mary," "Lights Out," "Electric Phase," "We Belong To The Night," etc.  My opinion if the heaviest UFO song of all time would probably have to be "Wonderland."  This song is just a full blown metal tune; with its rampant riff, and crazy vocals.  It almost has more of like a Ratt sound to it than UFO.  It is a pretty exceptional song for the more recent years, and I love that it breaks away from the more southern sound of the Vinnie years.  What do you think the heaviest UFO song is?

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

I just wanted to wish you all a rocking Halloween.  I hope you all had loads of fun!!!!

Results For Poll Of the Best UFO Guitarist!!!!!!!!!!!!

The results of the poll for the best UFO guitarists was obvious in some ways, but in others it was a surprise.  The obvious for me was that Michael Schenker won by a lot!  He had 17 of the 31 votes.  Second place was a little bit of a surprise to me, because the player was Vinnie Moore with six votes.  I like Vinnie, but in my personal opinion; I would have thought Paul Chapman would take second.  Third place went to Mick Bolton with five votes.  This was also a surprise to me, because I would've also put Chapman over him.  Fourth was surprisingly Paul Chapman with only three votes.  Atomik Tommy M and Laurence Archer both tied for last with zero votes, and that didn't come to me as a surprise at all.  What do you think of these results?  Feel free to comment what comes to your mind about the subject.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Underrated Gem # 15: Lettin' Go

"Lettin' Go" is from the 1980 album No Place To Run.  It is one of the best songs from the Paul Chapman era, because of its awesome riff, great vocals, a great intro, and great drumming.  It is such a well written song, and it really hooks you in.  The beginning where it slides into the riff is so amazing, because the intensity is super high, and it is perfectly executed.  The vocals are so aggressive, and they give lots of power to the song.  Pete Way's bass playing is great because it really drives the song along, and he plays so hard.  The drumming has such a great beat, and it really makes you bang your head.  This is definitely one of the heaviest songs by UFO, because the riff is so metal.  I think it shows that the band was ready to kick the 80's butt.  Definitely check out this song, even if you aren't familiar with the amazing Paul Chapman era, because it will make you want to listen to more.

What Is The Best UFO Instrumental?

UFO has had some really awesome instrumentals over the years.  The first ones were super trippy from the Mick Bolton years, and they include "Flying."  In the Michael Schenker years, the insturmentals became very acoustic heavy ballads of a sort, and they include "Lipstick Traces," and "Arbory Hill."  In the Paul Chapman years, their was the very synthesizer heavy "Alpha Centauri."  My favorite of all of the instrumentals is the classic "Lipstick Traces."

"Lipstick Traces" is just such an emotional song. It really captures true beauty with its simple rhythm, and the acoustic playing is phenomenal.  The electric solo overdubbed is also quite awesome.  It is so much better than all of the other instrumentals, because the others lack the same feel that this one has.  I love it so much, and it is one of my favorite UFO songs.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Favorite Drum Intro From UFO

UFO has a lot of great drum intros because of their phenomenal drummer Andy Parker.  My favorite is "Pack It Up And Go" from the album Obsession.  The reason I like this drum intro so much is that it has a mix of John Bonham with a marching band kind of beat.  It is such a great song hook, because it has a lot of attitude, and it is so catchy.  It is a beat that I just have to play air drums too.  When I first heard this song I knew it was the real deal right away.  What is your favorite drum intro from UFO?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Who Was The Best Producer For UFO?

UFO has had some amazing producers over the years.  Some of the standouts were Leo Lyons; who did the Schenker albums Phenomenon, Force It, and No Heavy Petting.  Another standout in my opinion is Ron Nevison; the producer for Lights Out, Obsession, and Strangers in the Night.  Gary Lyons was another phenomenal producer with his work on the album Mechanix.  My favorite UFO producer has to be George Martin, because of his work on the album No Place To Run.  Martin is best known for his work with the Beatles, but I find this album to be one of his shining works.

The album just has such a tight and aggressive sound to it.  The timing for each song is so thrilling.  The greatest example is the transition between "Alpha Centauri" and "Lettin Go."  You can barely tell that the song has changed, and you get completely shocked from when you go from the spacey first track to the brutal follower.  The band has never had a better studio sound.  Everything is just so smooth to listen to, but it is still raw at the same time.  I think that is the nice thing about Martin, because he let the geniuses from the band still be themselves, but in a more polished way.  Everything sounds beautiful.  The instruments really blend well, and you don't have one dominating the other.  This is great, because you get to hear everyone do what they do best.  I think that this album had a lot of potential radio hits on it, and this probably has a lot to do with George.  They are just so catchy to listen to, and some of them have that Foreigner sound that was really big at the time.  I think this slight style change was brilliant.  Whatever George Martin was responsible for on this album is great.  I think that songs like "Anyday" and "No Place To Run" are some of the best studio cuts by the band.  One of the key things is that sometimes I get a sound of what should be happening in a song, and the ones on this album have the same ideas as me.  I think that this shows George Martin's amazing ear for what sounds good, because he just hits the nail right in the head with it.  

George Martin only produced one album for the band, but I think it is a crowning achievement for him and UFO.  He is a brilliant producer, and I really feel that he did a lot of great things for the band.  If you have a different opinion of the best producer, then feel free to comment.  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Has Anyone Gotten The New UFO Live Collection?

I noticed that a new UFO collection has come out from Chrysalis.  I want to buy it, but I was just wondering what other people that have bought it think.  It seems like it is a lot of the same live tracks as other albums, but there are some rare songs that I've never seen live before.  I think the pricing seems pretty reasonable though, because 19 dollars is pretty cheap for a collection of that caliber.  So if anyone has already bought this then feel free to tell me how it is, because I'm very curious.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Poll Results For The Best UFO Ballad

The results for this great poll were that "Try Me" and "Love To love" both tied for first place with six votes.  Second place went to the classic "Born To Lose" with two votes.  Third place was a huge tie of one vote between "Terri," "Lookin Out For No. 1," "High Flyer," "Crystal Light," and "Belladonna."  "Come Away Melinda" and "Time On My Hands" both got zero votes.  I expected "Love To Love" and "Try Me" to have the most votes, but I would've expected someone to vote for "Come Away Melinda."  

Friday, September 27, 2013

Something To Listen To

On October 4th, the UFO countdowns will be starting again on the radio.  The station is on and the show will be from 9pm to 4am.  Be sure to listen because people make very cool lists. This is the first time it will be happening again, and I hope you will all check it out.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

What Do You Think The Ideal UFO Lineup Would Be?

UFO is currently in an awesome lineup now, but what would the ideal UFO lineup?  I would have to go with Phil Mogg on vocals, Michael Schenker and Paul Chapman on a guitar duo, Neil Carter doing keyboards, guitar, and sax, Pete Way on bass, and Andy Parker on drums.  I think that this band would be so awesome, because Paul and Michael are both such good guitar players, and if Michael learned to work in a duo, then that would be so amazing.  I really like Neil Carter so much, because he is so musically diverse.  He can play like anything, and he is also an amazing writer.  I think that it is pretty obvious to have Pete and Andy as the rhythm section, because they are both at the top of the list of the best for each instrument.  The band was at its peak when they were together.  Obviously Phil is I my perfect lineup, because there would be no UFO if there wasn't Phil Mogg, and I also think he is probably one of the best singers to ever live.  What would your ideal UFO lineup be?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Great Documentary On The Band

I was surfing around on YouTube one day, and I ran into this awesome rockumentary World's Greatest Albums: UFO Strangers In The Night.  This video is amazing, because it is a full length critic review on my favorite album of all time, and it also features the awesome Pete Way.  This video shows lots of rare footage like the promotional movie of "Only You Can Rock Me," and lots of great performances of songs like "Give Her The Gun," "Space Child," and "Rock Bottom."  It is so interesting, because it gives a whole history of the band from the Mick Bolton days, all the way through the Michael Schenker era.  The interviews with Pete Way are extremely interesting, and he really gives his opinions on the band.  There were a lot of opinions from the other critics that I didn't agree with, but that doesn't affect how awesome this video is.  You can find this on YouTube by searching UFO rockumentary.  The video will be in five parts, but that also is worth it considering that Amazon is asking over 100 dollars for this DVD.  I really think you will enjoy this video, and I highly recommend watching it.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Live Or Studio: Which Version Of These UFO Songs Is Better?

For my article today, I decided to take the set list of the Strangers In The Night album, and choose whether this version of the song is better, or if the studio version is better.  

1. "Natural Thing"- Live.  This song is so much better on Strangers In The Night.  It just has twice the energy, and I think the performances are also much better too.

2. "Out In The Street"- Live.  The main thing I like more live is the tempo.  The studio version is a lot slower, and it really doesn't flow as well, but on the live version, it is so much catchier and energetic.  Also, Paul Raymond's keyboard playing is much better than Danny Peyronel's for this song.

3. "Only You Can Rock Me"- Live.  This song became so much more of an anthem because of Strangers In The Night.  The just had a much better tone, and Phil's voice is so much better than on the studio version. 

4. "Doctor Doctor"- Live.  It is very rare that I listen to the Phenomenon version, because I love this version so much more.  The riff sounds so much better, and the intro guitar solo is also so much better.  The clapping when the riff kicks in is also so much of an asset to the song, because it pumps me up so much.

5. "Mother Mary"- Live.  The whole atmosphere of the song is so much better on Strangers In The Night.  The riff is so much heavier, and Phil's vocals are superb to say the least.  

6. "This Kid's"- Live.  The whole interlude/ guitar solo thing is so much more emotional on Strangers In The Night, and I love the grittiness.

7. "Love To Love"- Studio.  The whole sound was better on Lights Out, and I've never heard a live version that has completely met my expectations. Studio version is my favorite song of all time so I'm very picky.

8.  "Lights Out"- Live.  They are pretty much equal except for the "lights out in Chicago" line.  This made the song so much more of an anthem.

9. "Rock Bottom"- Live.  This has never been one of my favorite studio tunes, but the version on this album will blow your mind. The guitar solo is one of the best ever played by any guitarist.  

10. "Too Hot To Handle"- Studio.  I think the energy and sound is better on the Lights Out version.  Solo and riff also sound better.

11. "I'm A Loser"- Studio.  I like Danny Peyronel's playing more on the studio version, because he has a better sound than Raymond this time.  I also thing the studio version was tighter, and it is easier to listen to.

12. "Let It Roll"- Tie.  Neither version is better, because they sound exactly the same.

13.  "Shoot Shoot"- Tie.  Neither version is better, both are completely amazing.  

If you disagree with any of my opinions feel free to comment.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Why UFO Should Be In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: Part 2

I am bringing up the topic of UFO not being in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame again because it is such a stupid mistake from the corporation to leave this brilliant band along with many others out.  I've been doing lots of research on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and I really don't like how they do their voting for who gets voted in.  The main voters really seem as if they only go by what they like, and I think that can be bad at times, because their ideas of what is good doesn't always sit well with the public.  For example, Madonna got into the Hall Of Fame like right when she was eligible, and from what I see; this may be partly to the fact that voter Seymour Stein signed her on to a record deal back in the 80's.  this truly strikes me as biased, because when you look at her musical talent compared to other bands of rock and roll, then you really see how messed up that is.  The other problem with that is that Madonna never was a rock and roll artist, she was just simply shock pop.  I think this really gives a bad feel to bands like UFO, because they have dedicated their life to making high quality rock music that has influenced a crazy amount of musicians, and they have never even been considered for the ballot.  Some of the bands that were influenced by UFO have even been inducted before them.  Some examples of this are Metallica and Guns N' Roses.  Both bands definitely deserve to be in the hall of fame, but don't you think it would be quite appropriate to put the much better band that influenced members of both bands in too.  The next thing I have to say is that I don't see why the corporation doesn't look for the opinions of people to put musicians in.  I think that they should totally put a feature on their website so you can vote for what bands you think really deserve to be in.  If this would've happened ten years ago, then I really don't think Michael Jackson would have a second spot in the museum, and I also don't think bands like Donna Summer, Public Enemy, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, REM, ABBA, Madonna, and Run D.M.C would even be in the museum right now.  The problem I have with all of these artists is that even if they did do something for their genre of music, they did NOTHING for rock and roll.  It doesn't matter if Run D.M.C can ruin an awesome song from Aerosmith, because it doesn't show any music brilliance at all.  Some bands that do show music brilliance in rock that have been snubbed are KISS, Nazareth, Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Ten Years After, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Uriah Heep, Blue Oyster Cult, Peter Frampton, Triumph, Pantera, Alice In Chains, Journey, Styx, Mountain, Queensryche, Cinderella, Bon Jovi, and  Ronnie James Dio on his own!  Oh and there is and another band that many people consider to be the best(including me), and there name is UFO.  So Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, please get some sense on what rock music is, and put UFO and all the other bands in to your business.

Friday, September 13, 2013

UFO Chrysalis Years 2: 1980-1986

UFO The Chrysalis Years 2(1980-1986) is an amazing collection of all of the albums that featured Paul Chapman, and the first album with Tommy McClendon Misdemeanor.  This set also features many live performances, and lots of unreleased treasures from the band.  I like this set just as much as the first, and I highly recommend buying it.  

The albums featured in this set are; No Place To Run, The Wild The Willing and The Innocent, Mechanix, Making Contact, and Misdemeanor.  This is an amazing deal if you buy this item on Amazon, because they have it listed for 19 dollars currently, and that is definitely cheaper then just buying these albums separately.  Each of the albums have bonus tracks, and they are usually the single versions of the songs, or B sides that didn't make it on the album.  Some of the other features of this collection are the 1980 BBC In Concert performance, some recording from their Live In Hammersmith performance, and a version of "Hot N' Ready" that was performed in Cleveland, Ohio. Just like in the first set, the liner notes include an awesome interview with Phil Mogg.  Even though there is a little less bonus material than the first box set, I think that the set is still really impressive, and it is definitely worth every dime.  

I really like these box sets, because they have such a high quality collection for such an affordable price. You can't go wrong buying this, because you will get all of the amazing albums with Chapman.  I know it would probably cost at least 40 or more dollars to get everything that you can have in this set if you buy them separately.  So I highly recommend this to you, and you won't be disappointed.

Does Anyone Else Think That UFO Sounds Very Southern Now?

Back when I wrote about Seven Deadly, I happened to say that modern day UFO sounds a lot like Southern Rock band.  This came back to me today as I was looking at the stats on my blog.  I noticed that people were looking at my blog from a Deep Purple Fan Forum.  The discussion board happened to be Deep Purple Vs. Modern Day UFO.  Two of the people were having a disagreement of whether UFO sounds like Southern Rock or not, and then the one person who thought they did used my blog as a source of someone else who agreed with them.  I found this pretty cool that people were taking my blog and advertising it by using it as maybe a reliable source for UFO subjects.  I think that UFO sounds a lot like Southern Rock nowadays, and I don't see that as a bad thing, because it was a Rey good change in sound.  I was wondering if you all agreed with the idea that they had this change, and if so or not, then why do you have this opinion?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Something To Tell Everyone In The Audience Of This Blog

I just wanted to let everyone know that if you have any subjects you would like me to talk about on this blog, then definitely comment to me.  I would love to see what other subjects of UFO interest you.  Also, if there are any tabs you would like, then definitely say so.  Thanks for being a great audience.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Results For Favorite Post Schenker Album

The poll has closed for favorite post Schenker album.  The winner was "The Wild The Willing and the Innocent" with six votes.  Second place was "Mechanix" with three votes, and third place was "No Place To Run" with one vote.  The winner was a surprise to me, because I was sure that "Mechanix" would win.  I guess when you have "Lonely Heart" on the other album, "Mechanix" is the real underdog.  Pay attention for the next poll, because I will set it up soon.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Underrated Gem #14: One More For The Rodeo

"One More For The Rodeo" was released on the album Obesession, and it is one of the band's coolest songs.  It just has the most swag feeling in world, and it is so undeniably neat.  The riff is amazing, and so are the vocals.  The drums are also so brilliant, because it makes the vibe of the song amazing.  I love the chorus so much, because the vocals are flawless.  I highly recommend this song because you will feel so taken by the rhythm, and it will become a favorite of yours.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Results On The Poll For The Best UFO Song Of All Time

As you all know, I had a poll for the best UFO song.  The choices were "Love To Love," Lookin' Out For No. 1," "Rock Bottom," and "Doctor Doctor."  First place was "Love To Love."  Second was "Doctor Doctor."  Third place went to "Lookin' Out For No. 1," and fourth place went to "Rock Bottom."  Be sure to vote for your favorite post Schenker album, because the poll only lasts for nine more days.  Thanks for being an awesome audience,


Monday, August 19, 2013

Michael Schenker's Work With The Slide In UFO

Michael Schenker has forever been acclaimed for his fiery soloing and riffs, but I feel that his playing on the slide is heavily overlooked.  I think he is extremely precise in this technique, and that he was up there with the best.

 The first time he used the slide in UFO was on "Too Young To Know" on the album Phenomenon.  The slide fits so well in this song, because it already has a very southern sound to it, and this just added to it.  He plays very similar to Gary Rossington or Duane Allman in this song.  The next time where I have noticed the slide was on "I'm A Loser" from No Heavy Petting.  This song uses the slide in the intro when the riff has played a few times.  One of the later uses of the slide with Michael was "Electric Phase" from the album Light's Out.  I think his solos on the slide are extremely great in this song, and they are very precise.  The other song that has slide on Light's Out is my favorite "Love To Love."  This song has the long slide intro, and it is so creative.  I love how emotional Michael's playing is in this intro, because you can feel his passion.

Those are the times that I noticed Michael's slide playing best.  If there are any that I missed, then feel free to tell me them in the comment box.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Wild The Willing And The Innocent Album Review


The Wild, The Willing, And The Innocent was released in 1981, and it was the second album to feature phenomenal guitarist Paul Chapman.  This album has so many classic songs like "Lonely Heart," "Chains, Chains," "Profession Of Violence," and the title track.  It is a very rocking album, and I like it a lot.  While it isn't as good as Mechanix; I feel that it is one of the better Paul Chapman albums.  This album was also the first album to feature the brilliant Neil Carter.

The album starts with "Chains, Chains."  This is one of the band's heaviest songs, and it has an amazing chorus.  I really don't know why this song wasn't huge, because it is a perfect hard rock radio hit.  The riff is great, vocals are great, and the song overall is flawless.  The next four songs "Long Gone," "The Wild, The Willing, And The Innocent," "It's Killing Me," and "Makin' Moves" are all great songs, but the next song that really stands out to me is the classic "Lonely Heart."  This song is so amazing.  It has so much energy, and I totally dig the sax solo.  The next song is "Couldn't Get It Right" is another great rocking song.  The last song "Profession For Violence" is a great softer song, and it features some amazing acoustic. 

This album is great, and even though its not my favorite; it will not disappoint you.  I mean everyone has an opinion, but I totally love all of these albums, and most of the others from the 80's. So definitely check this album and the rest of the Paul Chapman catalog out.

The Many Famous Guest Performers Of UFO

Throughout UFO's long career, many celebrities have come and go from the band.  Here is a list of some of the most recognizable.

Simon Wright(ACDC and Dio).

Billy Sheehan(Mr. Big, Winery Dogs).

Jason Bonham(more bands then any possible person would want to write).

Neil Carter(Gary Moore).

Bernie Marsden(Whitesnake).

Paul Gray(famed session artist).

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Underrated Gem #13: Night Run

"Night Run" is another of my favorites from an era of UFO that was almost controversial.  I love this era, because the 1986 album Misdemeanor is great.  This song is one of the best songs from the album, and I really like it.  It is very keyboard heavy, but that was mainly because of the fact that its an 80's album.  I do happen to like the keyboards though when they were used appropriately.  I also like the opening riff on the guitar, because it makes the song very militant in a sense.  I also feel that a very important piece to this song, because they really blend to the song, and it makes it very uplifting.  I also love Tommy's solo, because while its flashy it fits so well to the song, and it really shows his great talent.  Even though this song will not be on list of top UFO songs, it is still great music.  It came from a different time, and a different point of UFO's creative vision.  It is a very good 80's song, and it is awesome.  So I recommend it to fans of UFO, and also to fans of music from the 80's.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Underrated gem #12: Lonely Heart

"Lonely Heart" is one if those songs that you end up liking so much more after you watch UFO play it.  The moment I knew this was a great song was when I saw Neil Carter play the sax solo in the middle of the song.  I loved watching the video for this song on YouTube, because it brought so much more energy to the song.  I already loved the song so much to begin with, but now it is one of my favorites.  It is such a light song, but it also has great energy.  The piano riff is so awesome(also from the brilliant Neil Carter), and the powerful guitar riff is so awesome.  It makes me feel like I'm running at a great speed.  Phil's vocals are amazing, he puts so much energy into his performance, and I love how the prechorus puts chills on you.  The chorus is amazing because the band's backup vocals fits so well to Phil's voice.  The guitar solo is amazing, because it is pretty simple, but it has so much emotion.  Neil's sax is amazing, because it fills the song's atmosphere to a completely different level.  It reminds me a little of the bagpipes on "It's A Long Way To The Top" by ACDC.  I definitely recommend this song to all UFO fans, because it is truly amazing.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mechanix Album Review


The thing that I love about UFO is that they go out of their way to make the greatest possible albums they can make.  They don't just settle with making a mediocre crap rock album.  This is one of the albums that really show their dedication.  Released in February of 1982, and produced by Gary Lyons, UFO made one of their best albums ever.  It is such a diverse album, because some of the songs are brutal rockers like "The Writer", and some are heartfelt ballads like "Terri."  I love this album, because it shows the band's peak in the studio.  It is my new favorite studio album by the band, and that's quite a compliment because I've listened to 15 of the band's albums, and I love them all.  The credit for its greatness an be given to Phil's amazing vocals, Paul's amazing guitar, and Neil Carter's brilliance in everything music( especially his saxophone playing).  When you talk about a gem in music, this an ideal example.  

The album opens up with a very awesome rocker called "The Writer."  This song has a killer riff, and extremely aggressive vocals.  I also love Neil's keyboard and saxophone playing.  It was such an evolution for the band's music, and I really wish Neil would've stayed in the band a little longer( not to knock on the great Paul Raymond, because I love him being in the band too).  The next song is a cover of Eddie Cochran called "Something Else."  This song opens up with a great drum intro, and then it kicks into an extremely catchy song.  The next song "Back Into My Life" is a softer song, and it is so amazing.  It is the kind of song that immediately hooks you in.  Phil's vocals are so good, and the mellow riff from Paul Chapman is also really nice.  The next song "You'll Get Love" starts off with one of the coolest riffs of all time.  It is kind of a mix of a bop and Guns N' Roses( even though Guns N' Roses hadn't been heard of from the world until four years later).  It also has such great lyrics.  The next song "Doing It All For You" is great just like the rest of the album.  The next song on the album is my favorite, and it is called "We Belong To The Night."  I love the chugging riff to this song so much, because it gives off such a humongous amount of energy.  The lyrics/ vocals are so emotional, and they show a lot of passion.  Everything about this song is amazing, and I love to play it on guitar so much.  It is the definition of hard rock.  If you are going to check out one song on this album, then definitely listen to this.  The next song "Let It Rain" is the perfect follow up to the last song.  It is so uplifting, and it is amazing.  I love the effect of the opening riff, because it transitions so well from "We Belong To The Night."  Even though it is light, it also has so much backbone behind it, and it still makes me bang my head.  The chorus is also so amazing, because it has so much energy.  The next song is "Terri," and is one of my favorite ballads of all time.  I won't describe it too much since I did write a whole article on it.  The next song "Feel It" is such a catchy song, I really love the chorus a lot, and the riff is very cool.  The last song on the album "Dreaming" is so intense.  I love the lyrics to the chorus, because they fit so well to Phil's voice.  The whole vibe of the song is perfect, and it is a great album closer. 

I know that the classic era of UFO featured Michael Schenker, but the Paul Chapman albums( especially this one) are just as great.  I love this album so much, and it is really one of the best albums I have ever heard.  Definitely listen to this album, because it will give you a whole new appreciation of the greatest band ever; UFO.

Underrated Gem 11: Terri

When I first heard "Terri" on the album Mechanix, I thought to myself that it was one of the most beautiful vocal performances of all time.  Phil's voice in the chorus is so perfect.  It is like one of those things that you hear in your head, and then you actually see that it was a song and you're amazed.  I love how his voice fits so well with the chill worthy strings.  When the song's guitar riff kicks in, it gets so emotional, and his voice sounds even better.  Meanwhile, Paul Chapman puts some very tasteful licks in the verse, and then his guitar solo kicks butt.  It has such a controlled feeling, but he can still be a little crazy in a few moments.  This song is so much more than the normal ballad, because it breaks out of the normal formula that was famous in the 80's.  It captures so much raw beauty, and was written so well.  It is also extremely catchy, especially the chorus.  This song is one of my favorites of the album, and that's saying something because it is from one of my favorite rock albums ever.  I highly recommend it because it will leave you feeling so emotional.

Monday, August 12, 2013

No Place To Run Album Review


The year was 1980, and Michael Schenker had left his gig in UFO.  The guitarist that was destined to replace him was a veteran to the band named Paul Chapman.  With the help of Beatles producer George Martin; the band was able to make the classic album No Place To Run.  This album was a great start with the new lineup, and while it isn't perfect, it is still a great album that features some of my all time favorite UFO songs.  

The album begins with the synthesizer filled instrumental "Alpha Centauri."  This is probably the weakest track of the album, but it does make a cool intro just like the title track of Van Halen's album 1984.  It also transitions well into the next song "Lettin' Go."  One of my favorite songs on the album is the band's cover of "Mystery Train."   This song had been recorded by its original artist Junior Parker, and then it was famously covered by Elvis Presley.  The UFO version is my favorite though, because they really made the song their own.  It features fiery blues licks from Paul Chapman, and one of the best interpretations of the simple riff.  The acoustic intro is also amazing, and I have a feeling that it made many guitarists of the time extremely intimidated.  This has to be my favorite cover song of all time.  The next song "This Fire Burns Tonight" is a much more upbeat song, and it features a very cool riff.  "Gone In The Night" is a very neat song, but it isn't one of the more memorable songs of the album.  The next song "Young Blood" is another one of my favorites.  This song is so simple, because it is a three chord so with a very slow tempo, but it is so catchy at the same time.  It really has a Buddy Holly sound in my opinion, because it is a little rockabilly in a sense( mainly because of Phil's vocals).  The next song is the title track, and I love this song.  It is so dark, and the line "jungle land" has forever stuck in my head.  This song has a little bit of a Foreigner sound to it, and I think that UFO can really pull that sound off.  The next song on the album is a much softer song called "Take It Or Leave It."  I like this song because it gives a lighter twist to the album.   The song after this is called "Money Money."  This song is kind of like a story, because the line " Money, look what you've done to me" is telling what has happened to people that go downhill in show business.  I love the riff to this song because it is so mischievous but uplifting.  The last song on this great album is called "Anyday."  This song may be my favorite Paul Chapman era song, and it is definitely in my top 10 UFO songs.  My love for it is really because of Phil's dark vocal performance.  You can really hear that he is giving everything he has for this one song, because he has so much pain and emotion to each note.  Another part of this song that stands out is Paul Chapman's lead work.  It is some of the best solos I've ever heard, because the notes are so perfectly hit, and his tone is so flawless.  Pete Way's bass riff is also very important, because it is the majority of the song.  

As you can see, this album is pretty much great top to bottom.  It is just as good as most of the Schenker albums, and I really love it.  I think that every fan of classic rock should listen to this album, because it is more than a UFO album, it is a landmark in music.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Underrated Gem #10: Martian Landscape

"Martian Landscape" is definitely one of the most underrated UFO songs. It is so cool, because of its quirkiness, and it's awesome vocals from Phil Mogg.  It was released on the 1976 album No Heavy Petting.  It starts out with spacey keyboards from Danny Peyronel, and then it transitions into the mellow verse.  My favorite part of the song is the prechorus.  The reason why is that Phil's vocals are so amazing.  His tone is so flawless, and it is so catchy.  This part is also great because of Pete Way's bass playing.  It is so aggressive, and it makes you bang your head to the beat. The chorus is also great, because the chord changes on the guitar are perfect, and the atmosphere is so raw.  The whole thing is so out there(pun intended).  This makes it awesome because it shows that the band wasn't afraid to express themselves creatively.  Michael Schenker's guitar tone is so amazing, because it sounds like he is playing live in a huge arena.  It is so powerful, and the amount of reverb he picked is perfect on every level.  Andy Parker does a great job of keeping a catchy beat, and it is part of why there is such a great atmosphere.  I think that the keyboards by Danny Peyronel are great, because they bring a little bit of an Elton John feel when the song jumps into the prechorus.  This song is definitely something that any fan should be open to.  It is so cool, and it is definitely one of the band's most creative songs.  I hope you all check it out, because you'll be in for a treat.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Underrated Gem #9: Hot N' Ready

In 1978, the song Hot N' Ready was released by UFO on the album Obsession.  This is one of my favorites from the band, because it is such a headbanger.  This song starts with a ripping solo by Michael, and it then transitions into its amazingly catchy riff.  The music to this song is flawless.  The drums are great, the bass is amazing, and the guitar is mind blowing.  Phil Mogg's vocals are excellent, because he is so aggressive, and he makes the lyrics so fun to sing along to. I have always said that this song would be perfect on a Little Caesars commercial, because the lyrics are so perfect to relate to their Hot N' Ready pizzas.  This song is very underrated, and I hope that everyone checks it out, because it is one heck of a song.  It is probably one of the best of the album.

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Dividing Point For The Band: What I Think Of The Atomik Tommy M Era.

When Paul Chapman left UFO; the band needed someone that was an amazing replacement to a great guitar player.  The replacement they picked was Tommy McClendon.  I think that Tommy was a very skilled guitar player, and he came up with some killer riffs.  This era of the band had almost a completely different lineup.  The only founding member was Phil Mogg.  Paul Raymond came back in, but he wasn't original.  The other members were Paul Gray on bass, and Jim Simpson on drums.  I don't think that this was bad, because it gave a completely different sound to the band.  I think that they transitioned very well in to the 80's.  the problem that I do have with this era is that the band got much more pop.  While it isn't a huge deal, I liked when the band was more raw.  The keys were a huge part of this era, and they were really the lead instrument.  

I think that some of the songs are still killer rock tunes.  My personal favorite of the era is "Mean Streets."  This has a brutal intro riff, and it is definitely the most rocking of the era.  Some other great songs are "Night Run," "One Heart," "Blue," and "Dream The Dream."  I think that these are all great songs, and in my opinion this era was very good.  While it isn't anything like the Michael Schenker or Paul Chapman eras for me, I think that it was a great example that the band could still kick butt in their lowest times.  I definitely recommend check the Tommy McClendon albums, because I think they are awesome.

Friday, July 19, 2013

UFO: The Best Of UFO(1974-1983) Album Review


The Best Of UFO 1974-1983 was the first cd I ever bought from the band.  I feel that it is pretty good, but some of the songs featured could definitely be switched with other much better songs.  This album goes for a lot more of the big hits by the band, but that doesn't always mean they are the best.  The songs that I have problems with on hear are "Can You Roll Her" and "When It's Time To Rock."  I don't dislike either of these songs, but when you look through the catalog of the Schenker and Chapman eras; these songs are definitely on the lower end.  First off, if they wanted another song from No Heavy Petting, they could've easily put "Belladonna," "Highway Lady," or "On With The Action," because everyone one of those tracks are stronger than "Can You Roll Her."  If they wanted another Paul Chapman song, I think that a better choice would've been "Anyday," or even "Mystery Train," because I feel that "When It's Time To Rock" is one of the weaker Chapman songs, as it has a little more of the 80's cheese, and not as much raw energy.  Another problem with this cd is that there was only one song from the Obsession album.  I feel that this was their shining moment in the studio, and that songs like "Born To Lose" or "Cherry" could've easily been on this disc.  I really like that they used the Strangers In The Night version of "Doctor Doctor" on this disc, because it is so much better than the studio track.  I also like how they kept the slide intro on "Love To Love" on the song, because when you buy the cd Lights Out, they put this brilliant part onto electric phase, and this makes the album much less authentic.  I got started with the band by buying this album, and for a beginner fan I think this is a great disc. 

The problem is that when you really get into the band; you see how weak some of the picks are.  I only recommend this disc to collectors and new fans to the band.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Best YouTube Video Of All Time.

When I was watching the videos that are featured in the video bar on my blog; I happened to run in to the best video of all time.  This video is a bunch of performances of "Lights Out" all blended together so it fits together with the song.  The performances are the the 1978 Strangers In The Night tour, and it is completely awesome.  I have never seen the band more energetic, and their musical sound is better than ever.  You can really see how much fun the band has when they perform.  Michael's solo is so killer, and he rocks out on the stage.  The band's stage presence is so great, because they really engage to the audience, and they move around a lot without being awkward.  This video is the second one on the video bar of my blog.  It is also the one with Michael wearing the short shirt and blue jeans. This video truly changed me, and I hope you check it out.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What Is The Best "Anthem" By UFO?

What is UFO's ultimate anthem.  Before I answer this, you should know what my idea of an anthem is. I think that an anthem should be a catchy song that is easy to sing along to, and one that will always be remembered.  For bands like KISS or Journey, anthems would be "Rock And Roll All Night," "Don't Stop Believing," or "I Love It Loud."  UFO has many songs that could be considered an anthem.  I think that "Lights Out" is an anthem, and others include "Rock Bottom,"Out In The Street," and "Natural Thing."  None of these are my favorite, but all are great.  The thing that they have is just that familiarity with fans, and they could be easily sang along to.  My favorite anthem by the band is "Shoot Shoot." This song is one of the ultimate anthems of all time, because it is so catchy, and it rocks.  The lyrics are so great to sing along to, and every riff is super catchy(especially the post chorus and outro riff).  I feel so pumped when I play this song on guitar, because it has that energetic feel to it that makes an anthem.   What is you favorite UFO anthem?

Other runner ups: "Chains Chains," "We Belong To The Night," "Mean Streets," "I'm A Loser," "Fight Night," and "Too Hot To Handle."

Monday, July 15, 2013

Underrated Gem #8: Mean Streets

After Paul Chapman left UFO, a guitarist named Atomik Tommy McClendon came in to the band.  The first album to feature him was the 1985 album Misdemeanor.  Even though this isn't one of my favorite albums by the band, there are definitely some great tracks.  My personal favorite of the album is a very underrated song called "Mean Streets."  This song is very poppy in a way, but it still has a brutal opening riff, awesome lead work by Tommy, and some awesome vocals from Phil.  I like the feeling of the song, because it is kind of gritty in a way.  The song definitely shows that it was from the 1980's, because of the sound of the keys(which have a very Billy Idol sound to them).   Phil made a perfect sound for the chorus, and his tone is completely awesome.  While this song isn't as flawless as some others by the band, it is still awesome, and I recommend it to fans of the band.

Friday, July 12, 2013

A New Side Of UFO: The Writer Song Review.

In 1982, UFO released the classic album Mechanix.  This album featured an amazing song called "The Writer."  This song was still a hard rocker like the band was known for, but it was notably their first and maybe only song to have a saxophone.  This was all because of the new keyboard and guitar player Neil Carter.  I think he was a cool addition to the band, because he knew music so well that he could do four plus instruments in the band.  Paul Raymond is kind of the same way too.  I like this song a lot, because it is different, but it is also just one of the best songs of the 80's.  I like that the keyboards don't dominate the song like many others during this decade.  The sax solo is completely awesome, because it fits so well with the amazing guitar riff.  Phil's vocals are very good on this song, because he is very aggressive like he always is.  I hope that if you check this song out if you haven't heard it, because it is phenomenal.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Underrated Gem #7: Try Me

"Try Me" was recorded on the 1977 album Lights Out.  This song is one of the best ballads by the band, but sadly it hasn't gotten the best reception over the years.  Critics have called it a stupid, out of place ballad that ruined the flow of the album.  In my opinion, this is a stupid comment.  I would like to see any critic who said that write a better song than this.  This song is so emotional, and it has a perfect vocal performance from the genius, Phil Mogg.  He wrote very intense lyrics about how a woman that he loves should give him a chance.  The chorus is completely beautiful with the strings and the piano blending with the vocals, because it is so peaceful and relaxing.  The song's climax is the guitar solo by Michael Schenker.  This is some of the most brilliant lead work done by any guitarist, because it is really a journey.  It starts with a very slow and clean solo.  This part is very much like "Still Loving You" by Scorpions, and it is very technically amazing.  Then Michael turns on the distortion, and he belts on to notes on the low E string.  The final part is when he just lets everything he has left on to the neck of his guitar.  He does a bend crazy solo that can also be at speedy at times.  This solo is very bluesy, and it has such a David Gilmour feel to it.  This solo is truly brilliant, and it really makes the song.  In my opinion, "Try Me" was a landmark in music.  It is such a brilliant song, and I don't know why people have given it such a hard time in later years.  The fact that it isn't on the Best Of: 1974-1983 is a crime, because I think it could've easily taken the place of "Can You Roll Her."  If you haven't heard this song, then I definitely recommend it. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Doctor Doctor Tab

This is one of my favorite songs of all time.  I didn't do the intro because it varies from different songs.  Play this to Strangers In The Night because that is the song I learned it to.  Have fun, and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Underrated Gem #6: Belladonna

In 1976, UFO made the dark acoustic ballad "Belladonna."  This is one of the band's most emotional songs they ever made, and it is one of my favorites.  It has a great 12 String riff, and Phil's vocals are truly amazing.  He has so much hate to his lyrics, and they are very sad.  The solo in this song has the same amount of feeling, and it has an amazing tone.  The whole feel of this song is flawless, because they made the atmosphere the same as the lyrics are.  It was probably one of my favorite songs on No Heavy Petting, and I recommend it to every fan.  It is definitely underrated compared to some other songs by the band, and that is kind of sad, because it is really great.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Underrated Gem #5: Shake It About

"Shake It About" is a song that was featured on the album UFO 1.  This song is a boogie, and it features some of Pete Way's best work on the bass.  Mick Bolton also rocks this song out with his fierce guitar solos, and his punky chords.  Phil Mogg sounds good as ever, and he made some intense lyrics about his love for a woman.  This song is neat because it is much more psychedelic than many other songs by the band, but it also rocks.  I think it is very underrated; along with everything else in the Mick Bolton era.  This is a very cool song, and I hope that you check it out.

What Is The Best Vinnie Moore Era Song?

What is the best Vinnie Moore era song?  That is a very hard question, because there are so many great songs from his decade of work.  He brought a much more southern feel to the band, but he also still kept the hard rock/metal feel alive.  He has done amazing things on the guitar throughout his entire career, and he was perfect for UFO.  My favorite song of his era has to be "Mr Freeze."  This song was featured on the 2004 album You Are Here, and it is a classic.  It is so in your face, and it can be extremely heavy at times.  Phil's lyrics are so awesome, because he tells a story, and he also just shows that he is the man.  Vinnie's riff change in the middle of the song is amazing, because it brings the song from southern rock to heavy metal, and it is a gut buster riff.  I love this song, because it is very catchy, and it shows that the guys still have all of their attitudes.  What is your favorite Vinnie Moore song?

Other runner ups: "Wild One" from You Are Here.  "Wonderland" from Seven Deadly.  "Fight Night" from Seven Deadly, and finally "Saving Me" from The Visitor.

Underrated Gem #4: Highway Lady

"Highway Lady" is a great song, because it is extremely catchy, and it rocks.  It was released n 1976 on the album No Heavy Petting.  This was one of the few songs that was only written by Danny Peyronel.  The song is a punk song, and I really like it because the artists can actually play their instruments.  The chord changes throughout are so neat, because they give such an emotional feel, as they balance with Phil's amazing vocals.  I love this change in style for the band, because they made a song that is so addicting to listen to, and it should've been a radio hit.  The song also has a little bit of a pop sound, but it still rocks.  The keyboards by Peyronel also sound great, and they bring even more to the perfect sound of this song.   I really hope that you check this song out, because I think it is one that is so likable, and it is a lot of fun.

Monday, July 8, 2013

On With The Action Tab

Here is a tab to a very underrated classic with Michael Schenker.  I just made it after I learned the song, and it sounds great.  It is a pretty repetitive song, so it should be pretty simple.  I hope you have fun with this, and if you have any questions just ask.

Anyday Tab

Here is a tab to my favorite song of the Paul Chapman era.  It is a very simple rhythm, but it rocks like no other.  The first line is the main riff, and the second is the riff for the solo, and when there is a chord change during the chorus.  I love this song, and I hope you have fun with it.  The solos are pretty easy so I hope you can pick them up too.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Out In The Street(Strangers In The Night) Tab

Here is a tab to the rhythm part of one of the greatest live tracks ever.  Everything should be right, but since it is possible that I made a mistake; then feel free to ask questions.  

Underrated Gem #3: Too Young To Know

In 1974, UFO released the album Phenomenon.  One of the songs I really like on the album is a southern style song called "Too Young To Know."  I like the song so much because of Phil's vocals.  He has such a great tone to his voice, and he really sounds like the late great Ronnie Van Zant.  This song is so much different than most UFO songs, because it strays away from hard rock, and goes to more of a Lynyrd Skynrd sound.  I think this song is very underrated, and it is better than some of the band's biggest hits.  It has such a cool feel, and it is very uplifting.  Michael's guitar playing is very neat, because he does work with the slide, and his simple riff is still completely awesome.  I really recommend this song, because it is really amazing.  What UFO songs do you find underrated?

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Michael Schenker's Classic Gibson Flying V

Michael Schenker's Gibson Flying V is an iconic guitar of rock.  He made the instrument much desirable, and this was shown with the large following of the guitar in rock.  This guitar got such a great sound, and many people dream to have it.  He used this album on all of the old UFO albums.  This includes Strangers In The Night.  His tone on songs like "Rock Bottom" is so magnificent.  Most likely because the guitar goes so well with the wah pedals he used, and his Marshall amps.  His Flying V was also an amazing looking guitar.  The ghost white body, and the black pickups are beautiful on the body.  I also find the shape of the headstock to be very cool, because it is much wider than most.

Michael's Gibson Flying V is a dream guitar for me.  Along with Randy Rhoads' Les Paul, I think it is one of the nicest guitars to ever be made.  I think it is a visually appealing, and great sounding guitar.  One day I will buy one just like his, and it will be amazing.  Even though Michael has his new Dean Flying V model, I think this is his iconic guitar that everyone will remember. What is your dream guitar?

Something To Check Out Tonight.

I just got the message that there will be a radio show tonight that will feature a top ten list of the best Songs by UFO.  It is on  Definitely check this out because I bet it is super neat.  Here is the message I got about it.

Check out Side "B" Deeper Cut's Tonight--- WE are on @ 12:00MID(ESDT) until 4AM. A.M.G. Top ten list starts tonight and will play again next week also. TO TELL ALL on air tonight!!Listen on line @ Hey Ryan (POST#4737) How about pluggin the show on your site and call in @ the radio station and I'll plug your site on the air for you. Got to go do a show! UFO Rules!!!! Rock On!!! Special"K"

Friday, July 5, 2013

Underrated Gem #2: Electric Phase

On UFO's 1977 album Lights Out, an underrated classic was born.  This song was called "Electric Phase."  This song is such a brutal hard rock song that I love so much.  I really like the heavy riff to this song. It has so much attitude, and it completely kicks butt.  I think another factor that makes this song so amazing is the drumming.  It has such an aggressive beat to it, and it really makes the song a headbanger.  I also love this song because of its vocals from Phil.  His tone fits so well with the song, because it is aggressive, but still Phil.  I think it may be one of my favorite vocal performances of his, and it is also one of my favorite songs by the band.  Michael's lead guitar work is great, because he really experiments with the slide in this song.  It gives such a bluesy feel to the solos, and it is very neat.  This song is truly amazing.  Just like my first underrated gem "On With The Action," it just features so much emotion and attitude, and it is the definition of hard rock.  Definitely check this song out, because it is one of the best on an album full of great songs.  

Blogs That I Love

I thought it would be appropriate to talk to you about blogs that I love to go on.  The first blog is called Bizarre Zoology.  This blog is run by my best friend Jay Cooney.  He knows so much about everything in zoology, and his blog has to do with many creatures that people haven't ever classified for sure.  These include Sasquatch, the Loch Ness Monster, and other creatures like this.  I think that his blog is very interesting, because even though I started out not believing any of this subject, I now am much more open, and I agree that the existence of these species is definitely possible.  Jay puts so much work into this blog, and he has really been shown applause for this.  He has been featured on Monster X Radio, and he has been on podcasts.  His blog has gotten an enormous fan base, and he has over 70,000 views.  I hope you will all check out his blog, because it is is amazing. You can find the link to his site in the My Blog List tab on the right of my blog.

The second blog I really like is Rock Roots.  This blog is written by a man named John.  I like this blog a lot because he doesn't just write about his favorite bands.  He will write about every rock group he can think of.  He doesn't even limit himself to one style of rock.  He will write about soul groups, metal groups, punk groups, and everything else you could think of.  The funny thing is that John and I have very similar taste in music.  We both love UFO, and we both really like other groups like Queen, The Rolling Stones, Accept, ZZ Top, and Van Halen.  I really like how John always responds to comments, and he always seems to respect opinions.  I have commented on numerous occasions, and he always replies to me.  His blog is so fun to look at, because he has close to three years worth of material, and it takes forever to go through.  I think you should definitely check John's blog out if you are a music band, because he will most likely talk about at least one of your favorite bands.  You can also find the link to this site in the same place as Jay's.  

I really hope you check these blogs out, because they are very neat.  Both authors have worked extremely hard to achieve what they have, and it would be nice for others to support them.  

Underrated Gem: On With The Action

"On With The Action" is a very good song by UFO that I am comfortable with defining as an underrated gem.  This song has such a gritty way of telling a story of how screwed up the world is for the younger generation.  The song has lyrics of violence and tragedy, and the music makes the dark feel even more evident.  Michael Schenker's riff is almost depressingly awesome, because it drones like a keyboard, and it gives the song such a dark Black Sabbath feel to it.  I love how Phil combats the lyrics on this song, because he really shows the emotion that were put into writing them.  He has so much power, and he makes it so much more haunting.  I like this song because it displays what the band observed about teenagers at this time. It almost strikes me as a DOA by Van Halen type of song, because that song also tells a story of the younger generation and hard times in a very dark way.  I recommend this song to anyone, and just to let everyone know; it is on the album No Heavy Petting.

Something Cool I Found Online

Notice anything weird about this picture?  What I found crazy is that Phil Mogg is playing a guitar.  This picture was taken in W├╝rzburg on June 9th, 2013.  He was most likely playing "I'm A Loser," because he has done this rarely in the past.  I think this is cool picture because it shows that Phil is extremely musically diverse.  It is also nice because it shows that the band tries to change things up once in a while, because they could've have had Paul Raymond or a touring guitar player do the acoustic, but they had Phil do this as a surprise to the audience.  The other time that I have heard about this from other people is that he did this for the same song on the No Heavy Petting Tour.  Have you found anything unusual from UFO.  Definitely feel free to share it on this blog.