Friday, July 5, 2013

Underrated Gem #2: Electric Phase

On UFO's 1977 album Lights Out, an underrated classic was born.  This song was called "Electric Phase."  This song is such a brutal hard rock song that I love so much.  I really like the heavy riff to this song. It has so much attitude, and it completely kicks butt.  I think another factor that makes this song so amazing is the drumming.  It has such an aggressive beat to it, and it really makes the song a headbanger.  I also love this song because of its vocals from Phil.  His tone fits so well with the song, because it is aggressive, but still Phil.  I think it may be one of my favorite vocal performances of his, and it is also one of my favorite songs by the band.  Michael's lead guitar work is great, because he really experiments with the slide in this song.  It gives such a bluesy feel to the solos, and it is very neat.  This song is truly amazing.  Just like my first underrated gem "On With The Action," it just features so much emotion and attitude, and it is the definition of hard rock.  Definitely check this song out, because it is one of the best on an album full of great songs.