Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Underrated Gem #9: Hot N' Ready

In 1978, the song Hot N' Ready was released by UFO on the album Obsession.  This is one of my favorites from the band, because it is such a headbanger.  This song starts with a ripping solo by Michael, and it then transitions into its amazingly catchy riff.  The music to this song is flawless.  The drums are great, the bass is amazing, and the guitar is mind blowing.  Phil Mogg's vocals are excellent, because he is so aggressive, and he makes the lyrics so fun to sing along to. I have always said that this song would be perfect on a Little Caesars commercial, because the lyrics are so perfect to relate to their Hot N' Ready pizzas.  This song is very underrated, and I hope that everyone checks it out, because it is one heck of a song.  It is probably one of the best of the album.

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Dividing Point For The Band: What I Think Of The Atomik Tommy M Era.

When Paul Chapman left UFO; the band needed someone that was an amazing replacement to a great guitar player.  The replacement they picked was Tommy McClendon.  I think that Tommy was a very skilled guitar player, and he came up with some killer riffs.  This era of the band had almost a completely different lineup.  The only founding member was Phil Mogg.  Paul Raymond came back in, but he wasn't original.  The other members were Paul Gray on bass, and Jim Simpson on drums.  I don't think that this was bad, because it gave a completely different sound to the band.  I think that they transitioned very well in to the 80's.  the problem that I do have with this era is that the band got much more pop.  While it isn't a huge deal, I liked when the band was more raw.  The keys were a huge part of this era, and they were really the lead instrument.  

I think that some of the songs are still killer rock tunes.  My personal favorite of the era is "Mean Streets."  This has a brutal intro riff, and it is definitely the most rocking of the era.  Some other great songs are "Night Run," "One Heart," "Blue," and "Dream The Dream."  I think that these are all great songs, and in my opinion this era was very good.  While it isn't anything like the Michael Schenker or Paul Chapman eras for me, I think that it was a great example that the band could still kick butt in their lowest times.  I definitely recommend check the Tommy McClendon albums, because I think they are awesome.

Friday, July 19, 2013

UFO: The Best Of UFO(1974-1983) Album Review


The Best Of UFO 1974-1983 was the first cd I ever bought from the band.  I feel that it is pretty good, but some of the songs featured could definitely be switched with other much better songs.  This album goes for a lot more of the big hits by the band, but that doesn't always mean they are the best.  The songs that I have problems with on hear are "Can You Roll Her" and "When It's Time To Rock."  I don't dislike either of these songs, but when you look through the catalog of the Schenker and Chapman eras; these songs are definitely on the lower end.  First off, if they wanted another song from No Heavy Petting, they could've easily put "Belladonna," "Highway Lady," or "On With The Action," because everyone one of those tracks are stronger than "Can You Roll Her."  If they wanted another Paul Chapman song, I think that a better choice would've been "Anyday," or even "Mystery Train," because I feel that "When It's Time To Rock" is one of the weaker Chapman songs, as it has a little more of the 80's cheese, and not as much raw energy.  Another problem with this cd is that there was only one song from the Obsession album.  I feel that this was their shining moment in the studio, and that songs like "Born To Lose" or "Cherry" could've easily been on this disc.  I really like that they used the Strangers In The Night version of "Doctor Doctor" on this disc, because it is so much better than the studio track.  I also like how they kept the slide intro on "Love To Love" on the song, because when you buy the cd Lights Out, they put this brilliant part onto electric phase, and this makes the album much less authentic.  I got started with the band by buying this album, and for a beginner fan I think this is a great disc. 

The problem is that when you really get into the band; you see how weak some of the picks are.  I only recommend this disc to collectors and new fans to the band.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Best YouTube Video Of All Time.

When I was watching the videos that are featured in the video bar on my blog; I happened to run in to the best video of all time.  This video is a bunch of performances of "Lights Out" all blended together so it fits together with the song.  The performances are the the 1978 Strangers In The Night tour, and it is completely awesome.  I have never seen the band more energetic, and their musical sound is better than ever.  You can really see how much fun the band has when they perform.  Michael's solo is so killer, and he rocks out on the stage.  The band's stage presence is so great, because they really engage to the audience, and they move around a lot without being awkward.  This video is the second one on the video bar of my blog.  It is also the one with Michael wearing the short shirt and blue jeans. This video truly changed me, and I hope you check it out.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What Is The Best "Anthem" By UFO?

What is UFO's ultimate anthem.  Before I answer this, you should know what my idea of an anthem is. I think that an anthem should be a catchy song that is easy to sing along to, and one that will always be remembered.  For bands like KISS or Journey, anthems would be "Rock And Roll All Night," "Don't Stop Believing," or "I Love It Loud."  UFO has many songs that could be considered an anthem.  I think that "Lights Out" is an anthem, and others include "Rock Bottom,"Out In The Street," and "Natural Thing."  None of these are my favorite, but all are great.  The thing that they have is just that familiarity with fans, and they could be easily sang along to.  My favorite anthem by the band is "Shoot Shoot." This song is one of the ultimate anthems of all time, because it is so catchy, and it rocks.  The lyrics are so great to sing along to, and every riff is super catchy(especially the post chorus and outro riff).  I feel so pumped when I play this song on guitar, because it has that energetic feel to it that makes an anthem.   What is you favorite UFO anthem?

Other runner ups: "Chains Chains," "We Belong To The Night," "Mean Streets," "I'm A Loser," "Fight Night," and "Too Hot To Handle."

Monday, July 15, 2013

Underrated Gem #8: Mean Streets

After Paul Chapman left UFO, a guitarist named Atomik Tommy McClendon came in to the band.  The first album to feature him was the 1985 album Misdemeanor.  Even though this isn't one of my favorite albums by the band, there are definitely some great tracks.  My personal favorite of the album is a very underrated song called "Mean Streets."  This song is very poppy in a way, but it still has a brutal opening riff, awesome lead work by Tommy, and some awesome vocals from Phil.  I like the feeling of the song, because it is kind of gritty in a way.  The song definitely shows that it was from the 1980's, because of the sound of the keys(which have a very Billy Idol sound to them).   Phil made a perfect sound for the chorus, and his tone is completely awesome.  While this song isn't as flawless as some others by the band, it is still awesome, and I recommend it to fans of the band.

Friday, July 12, 2013

A New Side Of UFO: The Writer Song Review.

In 1982, UFO released the classic album Mechanix.  This album featured an amazing song called "The Writer."  This song was still a hard rocker like the band was known for, but it was notably their first and maybe only song to have a saxophone.  This was all because of the new keyboard and guitar player Neil Carter.  I think he was a cool addition to the band, because he knew music so well that he could do four plus instruments in the band.  Paul Raymond is kind of the same way too.  I like this song a lot, because it is different, but it is also just one of the best songs of the 80's.  I like that the keyboards don't dominate the song like many others during this decade.  The sax solo is completely awesome, because it fits so well with the amazing guitar riff.  Phil's vocals are very good on this song, because he is very aggressive like he always is.  I hope that if you check this song out if you haven't heard it, because it is phenomenal.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Underrated Gem #7: Try Me

"Try Me" was recorded on the 1977 album Lights Out.  This song is one of the best ballads by the band, but sadly it hasn't gotten the best reception over the years.  Critics have called it a stupid, out of place ballad that ruined the flow of the album.  In my opinion, this is a stupid comment.  I would like to see any critic who said that write a better song than this.  This song is so emotional, and it has a perfect vocal performance from the genius, Phil Mogg.  He wrote very intense lyrics about how a woman that he loves should give him a chance.  The chorus is completely beautiful with the strings and the piano blending with the vocals, because it is so peaceful and relaxing.  The song's climax is the guitar solo by Michael Schenker.  This is some of the most brilliant lead work done by any guitarist, because it is really a journey.  It starts with a very slow and clean solo.  This part is very much like "Still Loving You" by Scorpions, and it is very technically amazing.  Then Michael turns on the distortion, and he belts on to notes on the low E string.  The final part is when he just lets everything he has left on to the neck of his guitar.  He does a bend crazy solo that can also be at speedy at times.  This solo is very bluesy, and it has such a David Gilmour feel to it.  This solo is truly brilliant, and it really makes the song.  In my opinion, "Try Me" was a landmark in music.  It is such a brilliant song, and I don't know why people have given it such a hard time in later years.  The fact that it isn't on the Best Of: 1974-1983 is a crime, because I think it could've easily taken the place of "Can You Roll Her."  If you haven't heard this song, then I definitely recommend it. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Doctor Doctor Tab

This is one of my favorite songs of all time.  I didn't do the intro because it varies from different songs.  Play this to Strangers In The Night because that is the song I learned it to.  Have fun, and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Underrated Gem #6: Belladonna

In 1976, UFO made the dark acoustic ballad "Belladonna."  This is one of the band's most emotional songs they ever made, and it is one of my favorites.  It has a great 12 String riff, and Phil's vocals are truly amazing.  He has so much hate to his lyrics, and they are very sad.  The solo in this song has the same amount of feeling, and it has an amazing tone.  The whole feel of this song is flawless, because they made the atmosphere the same as the lyrics are.  It was probably one of my favorite songs on No Heavy Petting, and I recommend it to every fan.  It is definitely underrated compared to some other songs by the band, and that is kind of sad, because it is really great.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Underrated Gem #5: Shake It About

"Shake It About" is a song that was featured on the album UFO 1.  This song is a boogie, and it features some of Pete Way's best work on the bass.  Mick Bolton also rocks this song out with his fierce guitar solos, and his punky chords.  Phil Mogg sounds good as ever, and he made some intense lyrics about his love for a woman.  This song is neat because it is much more psychedelic than many other songs by the band, but it also rocks.  I think it is very underrated; along with everything else in the Mick Bolton era.  This is a very cool song, and I hope that you check it out.

What Is The Best Vinnie Moore Era Song?

What is the best Vinnie Moore era song?  That is a very hard question, because there are so many great songs from his decade of work.  He brought a much more southern feel to the band, but he also still kept the hard rock/metal feel alive.  He has done amazing things on the guitar throughout his entire career, and he was perfect for UFO.  My favorite song of his era has to be "Mr Freeze."  This song was featured on the 2004 album You Are Here, and it is a classic.  It is so in your face, and it can be extremely heavy at times.  Phil's lyrics are so awesome, because he tells a story, and he also just shows that he is the man.  Vinnie's riff change in the middle of the song is amazing, because it brings the song from southern rock to heavy metal, and it is a gut buster riff.  I love this song, because it is very catchy, and it shows that the guys still have all of their attitudes.  What is your favorite Vinnie Moore song?

Other runner ups: "Wild One" from You Are Here.  "Wonderland" from Seven Deadly.  "Fight Night" from Seven Deadly, and finally "Saving Me" from The Visitor.

Underrated Gem #4: Highway Lady

"Highway Lady" is a great song, because it is extremely catchy, and it rocks.  It was released n 1976 on the album No Heavy Petting.  This was one of the few songs that was only written by Danny Peyronel.  The song is a punk song, and I really like it because the artists can actually play their instruments.  The chord changes throughout are so neat, because they give such an emotional feel, as they balance with Phil's amazing vocals.  I love this change in style for the band, because they made a song that is so addicting to listen to, and it should've been a radio hit.  The song also has a little bit of a pop sound, but it still rocks.  The keyboards by Peyronel also sound great, and they bring even more to the perfect sound of this song.   I really hope that you check this song out, because I think it is one that is so likable, and it is a lot of fun.

Monday, July 8, 2013

On With The Action Tab

Here is a tab to a very underrated classic with Michael Schenker.  I just made it after I learned the song, and it sounds great.  It is a pretty repetitive song, so it should be pretty simple.  I hope you have fun with this, and if you have any questions just ask.

Anyday Tab

Here is a tab to my favorite song of the Paul Chapman era.  It is a very simple rhythm, but it rocks like no other.  The first line is the main riff, and the second is the riff for the solo, and when there is a chord change during the chorus.  I love this song, and I hope you have fun with it.  The solos are pretty easy so I hope you can pick them up too.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Out In The Street(Strangers In The Night) Tab

Here is a tab to the rhythm part of one of the greatest live tracks ever.  Everything should be right, but since it is possible that I made a mistake; then feel free to ask questions.  

Underrated Gem #3: Too Young To Know

In 1974, UFO released the album Phenomenon.  One of the songs I really like on the album is a southern style song called "Too Young To Know."  I like the song so much because of Phil's vocals.  He has such a great tone to his voice, and he really sounds like the late great Ronnie Van Zant.  This song is so much different than most UFO songs, because it strays away from hard rock, and goes to more of a Lynyrd Skynrd sound.  I think this song is very underrated, and it is better than some of the band's biggest hits.  It has such a cool feel, and it is very uplifting.  Michael's guitar playing is very neat, because he does work with the slide, and his simple riff is still completely awesome.  I really recommend this song, because it is really amazing.  What UFO songs do you find underrated?

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Michael Schenker's Classic Gibson Flying V

Michael Schenker's Gibson Flying V is an iconic guitar of rock.  He made the instrument much desirable, and this was shown with the large following of the guitar in rock.  This guitar got such a great sound, and many people dream to have it.  He used this album on all of the old UFO albums.  This includes Strangers In The Night.  His tone on songs like "Rock Bottom" is so magnificent.  Most likely because the guitar goes so well with the wah pedals he used, and his Marshall amps.  His Flying V was also an amazing looking guitar.  The ghost white body, and the black pickups are beautiful on the body.  I also find the shape of the headstock to be very cool, because it is much wider than most.

Michael's Gibson Flying V is a dream guitar for me.  Along with Randy Rhoads' Les Paul, I think it is one of the nicest guitars to ever be made.  I think it is a visually appealing, and great sounding guitar.  One day I will buy one just like his, and it will be amazing.  Even though Michael has his new Dean Flying V model, I think this is his iconic guitar that everyone will remember. What is your dream guitar?

Something To Check Out Tonight.

I just got the message that there will be a radio show tonight that will feature a top ten list of the best Songs by UFO.  It is on  Definitely check this out because I bet it is super neat.  Here is the message I got about it.

Check out Side "B" Deeper Cut's Tonight--- WE are on @ 12:00MID(ESDT) until 4AM. A.M.G. Top ten list starts tonight and will play again next week also. TO TELL ALL on air tonight!!Listen on line @ Hey Ryan (POST#4737) How about pluggin the show on your site and call in @ the radio station and I'll plug your site on the air for you. Got to go do a show! UFO Rules!!!! Rock On!!! Special"K"

Friday, July 5, 2013

Underrated Gem #2: Electric Phase

On UFO's 1977 album Lights Out, an underrated classic was born.  This song was called "Electric Phase."  This song is such a brutal hard rock song that I love so much.  I really like the heavy riff to this song. It has so much attitude, and it completely kicks butt.  I think another factor that makes this song so amazing is the drumming.  It has such an aggressive beat to it, and it really makes the song a headbanger.  I also love this song because of its vocals from Phil.  His tone fits so well with the song, because it is aggressive, but still Phil.  I think it may be one of my favorite vocal performances of his, and it is also one of my favorite songs by the band.  Michael's lead guitar work is great, because he really experiments with the slide in this song.  It gives such a bluesy feel to the solos, and it is very neat.  This song is truly amazing.  Just like my first underrated gem "On With The Action," it just features so much emotion and attitude, and it is the definition of hard rock.  Definitely check this song out, because it is one of the best on an album full of great songs.  

Blogs That I Love

I thought it would be appropriate to talk to you about blogs that I love to go on.  The first blog is called Bizarre Zoology.  This blog is run by my best friend Jay Cooney.  He knows so much about everything in zoology, and his blog has to do with many creatures that people haven't ever classified for sure.  These include Sasquatch, the Loch Ness Monster, and other creatures like this.  I think that his blog is very interesting, because even though I started out not believing any of this subject, I now am much more open, and I agree that the existence of these species is definitely possible.  Jay puts so much work into this blog, and he has really been shown applause for this.  He has been featured on Monster X Radio, and he has been on podcasts.  His blog has gotten an enormous fan base, and he has over 70,000 views.  I hope you will all check out his blog, because it is is amazing. You can find the link to his site in the My Blog List tab on the right of my blog.

The second blog I really like is Rock Roots.  This blog is written by a man named John.  I like this blog a lot because he doesn't just write about his favorite bands.  He will write about every rock group he can think of.  He doesn't even limit himself to one style of rock.  He will write about soul groups, metal groups, punk groups, and everything else you could think of.  The funny thing is that John and I have very similar taste in music.  We both love UFO, and we both really like other groups like Queen, The Rolling Stones, Accept, ZZ Top, and Van Halen.  I really like how John always responds to comments, and he always seems to respect opinions.  I have commented on numerous occasions, and he always replies to me.  His blog is so fun to look at, because he has close to three years worth of material, and it takes forever to go through.  I think you should definitely check John's blog out if you are a music band, because he will most likely talk about at least one of your favorite bands.  You can also find the link to this site in the same place as Jay's.  

I really hope you check these blogs out, because they are very neat.  Both authors have worked extremely hard to achieve what they have, and it would be nice for others to support them.  

Underrated Gem: On With The Action

"On With The Action" is a very good song by UFO that I am comfortable with defining as an underrated gem.  This song has such a gritty way of telling a story of how screwed up the world is for the younger generation.  The song has lyrics of violence and tragedy, and the music makes the dark feel even more evident.  Michael Schenker's riff is almost depressingly awesome, because it drones like a keyboard, and it gives the song such a dark Black Sabbath feel to it.  I love how Phil combats the lyrics on this song, because he really shows the emotion that were put into writing them.  He has so much power, and he makes it so much more haunting.  I like this song because it displays what the band observed about teenagers at this time. It almost strikes me as a DOA by Van Halen type of song, because that song also tells a story of the younger generation and hard times in a very dark way.  I recommend this song to anyone, and just to let everyone know; it is on the album No Heavy Petting.

Something Cool I Found Online

Notice anything weird about this picture?  What I found crazy is that Phil Mogg is playing a guitar.  This picture was taken in W├╝rzburg on June 9th, 2013.  He was most likely playing "I'm A Loser," because he has done this rarely in the past.  I think this is cool picture because it shows that Phil is extremely musically diverse.  It is also nice because it shows that the band tries to change things up once in a while, because they could've have had Paul Raymond or a touring guitar player do the acoustic, but they had Phil do this as a surprise to the audience.  The other time that I have heard about this from other people is that he did this for the same song on the No Heavy Petting Tour.  Have you found anything unusual from UFO.  Definitely feel free to share it on this blog.  

Thursday, July 4, 2013

1,000 Views Finally Hit!!!!!!

I would like to announce that this blog has just achieved great measures.  I have gotten 1,000 views!  I would like to thank everyone who has looked at my blog to help me get to this.  It's very neat to see that so many people take interest in a subject that is very important to me.  I hope that you all will still check my blog out, because I have a lot more in store.  Thanks again, 


Happy Fourth Of July To Everyone.

Happy Fourth Of July 2013!  I hope everyone has a great day.  Have lots of fun, and I will be sure to have another article up later tonight so feel free to check it out. I'm just a few views away from 1,000 hits so let's try to get past it today.  Have lots of fun,


Do You Think UFO May Be The Best Live Band Of All Time?

Do you think UFO is the best live band of all time?  If you ask me I would definitely say yes.  While other people would say KISS or Peter Frampton, UFO is an obvious pick for me.  The other bands are great, but UFO just has so much more energy to their music.  When a band makes Strangers In The Night; I think they should most likely won the title.  The band doesn't fake their live playing because they did not even overdub on the album(which is very rare in the music business).  They are just raw, rough, and rocking.  I have never gotten the chance to go to a UFO concert, but I just know from watching online and listening to their live album that they are amazing.  If they ever tour in America I will definitely take it as an opportunity to have my mind even more blown.  They have such a perfect sound for a live band.  They always have the right volume, their performing sounds flawless, they have great tone to their guitars, and they are just amazing.  What do you think? Is UFO the best live band?

Does Anyone Know What Is Up With Mick Bolton?

If you have read other articles on my blog; you probably know that I'm quite the Mick Bolton fan.  What I was wondering is if anyone knows what is going on with him?  When I search his name on the Internet; all I can find is the bands he played in during the seventies.  I want to know if he is up to anything now, and if not then what's up?  I think he was and is an amazing guitar player, and I bet many others are wondering what is up with him.  If you know anything, then please feel free to comment on this article.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Do You Think UFO Has Gotten The Credit They Deserve?

Do you think UFO has gotten the credit they deserve?  If you ask me, no.  I think that the way they have been treated by the music world is cruel, and they deserve much more.  They have done the same amount of influencing as many other bands in rock, but Led Zeppelin and other bands still throw them into the deep.  If you ask me, these bands can't even compete to UFO.  They are all great, but none of them can have the energy that UFO, and none of them can even come close to their live performances.  I think that the guys in UFO are some of the best musicians ever, and they definitely are underrated.  The band is also so consistent.  They have much better bodies of work than most bands from the era, and even when they have a disappointment, it isn't even that bad.

UFO is not a familiar name to most people.  Most people probably just think of the space ships, and they just breeze over the band.  But like many other bands, their name is not nearly as good as the band.  Think of Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin, they aren't great band names, but people still love them.  I don't understand why this didn't happen for UFO.  They have the same if not more chops than both of these bands.  They are never on countdowns though.  It surprises me so much that more people don't have Strangers Of The Night as one of the greatest live albums of all time.  It is my favorite, but I understand that others have different opinions.  I just can get past the fact that Bette Midler could get on this list, but not UFO.  When I see the album on countdowns, it is so relieving because I see that other people understand.  I think the greatest compliment I've seen UFO get was that they made it on VH1's list of the greatest hard rock bands of all time.  Even if they did get 84th place(they deserve to be higher), it is still nice to see that they are being recognized.  How UFO is not in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame blows my mind.  If you saw my earlier article about this, you know that I got much more in depth about this.  I just find it hard to believe that Madonna and Donna Summer got in when they aren't even rock.  It is just messed up in a way, and I could also find about twenty plus other bands that should be in there. 

My whole point with this article is that UFO has put in more than enough work to get some credit from the public.  They still put out great music now, and we have Pitbull topping the charts.  I hope that others understand what I am trying to say, because it is something that bothers me in a way.  Please give me your thoughts on this, because I would love to hear that other people agreeing with me.  If you don't agree, than I would be happy to hear that too, because I respect opinions.  

Monday, July 1, 2013

Shoot Shoot Tab

Here is a tab to one of my all time favorite songs.  The first line is the most common chords used in the songs.  The second line is when the chords get higher in the verse.  The third line is the main riff that is always instrumental.  The fourth line is the bridge, and the fifth line is the part after the bridge.  The solo is very easy to learn, and it should be fine to learn by ear. If you have any questions just ask me.  If there are any other tabs you would like me to make then just comment.  Thanks have fun.