Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Favorite Track From "Phenomenon"

Today I revisited the album "Phenomenon," and I felt so refreshed and pleased to listen to it. There are so many great songs, whether they're rocking, or pure beauty.  It is very hard to pick which song is the best, because there isn't a bad song at all. If I had to choose, my pick would be "Queen of the Deep." While it doesn't have the same familiarity of "Rock Bottom" and "Doctor Doctor," there is such an epic heaviness to the song, and it really sets itself apart from everything else.  The guitar riff is so perfect, because it rips out your brains with its grittiness, and Phil Mogg's voice is so aggressive and emotional.  Overall I just see this song as the masterpiece of the album, and it surprises me that it wasn't more famous. 

My ranking of songs from least to greatest on this album would be:
1. Queen of the Deep
2. Lipstick Traces
3. Doctor Doctor
4. Rock Bottom
5. Built For Comfort
6. Too Young To Know
7. Space Child
8. Crystal Light
9. Time on My Hands
10. Oh My

What is your favorite song from "Phenomenon?"

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Underrated Gem #16: Call My Name

For my latest "Underrated Gem," I will be writing about my personal favorite song from "Making Contact."  "Call My Name" is a very beautiful ballad with a catchy melody, and a fantastic vocal performance by Phil. I just recently got a whole different appreciation for the song, when I gave the album a little more of an open mind. The result of this was that this song gave me an emotional connection that's really special.  I also really like the keyboards, because they give the feeling of a church organ.  Paul's guitar riff is also cool, because it's a chugging type of composition, and it really pushes the song along. 

Definitely check this great song out, because it is very well done, and it's one of the best from their 80's decade. What does everyone else think of this song?

Monday, February 23, 2015

A Very UFO Day...

When I woke up today, I felt very in the mood for UFO.  The moment I got onto the bus, I put some jams on by the band. I was very surprised to hear how refreshing some of the songs were. I really forgot how brutally rocking "The Writer" is, with its killer riff, and ripping vocals by the one and only.  I forgot how energetic "Out In The Street" makes me, with its soft start, that turns into a very ballistic uproar of rock and roll.  Today for the first time, "Wonderland" truly shocked me, because I had forgotten how thrashy the guitar was in it. In this song in particular, I was also so impressed by how well the band sounded together. Right now as I write, I'm sitting back and relaxing tothe beautiful ballad "Terri," which has a melody so divine that it feels too good to be true. There are so many great songs from the band's body of work, and today really reminded me that they're one of the best hard rock bands ever.

Have you listened to any interesting songs by the band today?


I have been very proud to find out that in March, UFO's new album "A CONSPIRACY OF THE STARS" will be released in America. It is a twelve track album, and it has Phil Mogg(vocals), Andy Parker(Drums), Vinnie Moore(Guitar), Paul Raymond(Keyboard and Guitar), and Rob DeLuca(Bass). I am very excited to listen to this album, and I'm also hoping that the huge tour for the album comes close to home. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Something That I Stand By Forever

Being UFO's members are getting up there in age, I thought of the fact that members may retire soon. Honestly most of the band could get away with having a replacement, but the one person that could never be changed is Phil Mogg.  There is not a singer in our world that could ever hold a candle to his music, and it would be disrespectful for anyone to try to take his place. He is such a distinct musician, and along with having a voice like no other, he is also the backbone of the band's creative force. Many people have come and go, but in the 47 plus years the band has been around, Phil has been at every concert, every album, and every function for the band. If he wasn't around anymore, then there would be no band. 

I really hope we can get more time from UFO, because they are one of the greatest bands ever. They have great albums, great live performances, and a great place in my memories.  Do you think anyone could ever replace Phil Mogg?