Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Underrated Gem #16: Call My Name

For my latest "Underrated Gem," I will be writing about my personal favorite song from "Making Contact."  "Call My Name" is a very beautiful ballad with a catchy melody, and a fantastic vocal performance by Phil. I just recently got a whole different appreciation for the song, when I gave the album a little more of an open mind. The result of this was that this song gave me an emotional connection that's really special.  I also really like the keyboards, because they give the feeling of a church organ.  Paul's guitar riff is also cool, because it's a chugging type of composition, and it really pushes the song along. 

Definitely check this great song out, because it is very well done, and it's one of the best from their 80's decade. What does everyone else think of this song?


  1. I used to play this pop-rock track very often back in the day. I like it. It is sweet.

  2. Good tune bit underated this album it was the first full ufo album i ever heard so i've a soft spot for it. Interesting to note on cd gary lyons is credited as producer when in fact he was fired and mick glossop produced it.