Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Favorite Track From "Phenomenon"

Today I revisited the album "Phenomenon," and I felt so refreshed and pleased to listen to it. There are so many great songs, whether they're rocking, or pure beauty.  It is very hard to pick which song is the best, because there isn't a bad song at all. If I had to choose, my pick would be "Queen of the Deep." While it doesn't have the same familiarity of "Rock Bottom" and "Doctor Doctor," there is such an epic heaviness to the song, and it really sets itself apart from everything else.  The guitar riff is so perfect, because it rips out your brains with its grittiness, and Phil Mogg's voice is so aggressive and emotional.  Overall I just see this song as the masterpiece of the album, and it surprises me that it wasn't more famous. 

My ranking of songs from least to greatest on this album would be:
1. Queen of the Deep
2. Lipstick Traces
3. Doctor Doctor
4. Rock Bottom
5. Built For Comfort
6. Too Young To Know
7. Space Child
8. Crystal Light
9. Time on My Hands
10. Oh My

What is your favorite song from "Phenomenon?"


  1. It's funny, I'd probably put your #10 song as my #1. It's a close one between "Oh My" and "Too Young to Know."

  2. Love your blog - UFO are definitely the greatest rock band and still going strong live

  3. Like all the schenker material with the band in the 70's the albums pretty much faultless. Queen of the deep definately underated wasn't attempted live either as far as i'm aware which i find surprising