Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Something That I Stand By Forever

Being UFO's members are getting up there in age, I thought of the fact that members may retire soon. Honestly most of the band could get away with having a replacement, but the one person that could never be changed is Phil Mogg.  There is not a singer in our world that could ever hold a candle to his music, and it would be disrespectful for anyone to try to take his place. He is such a distinct musician, and along with having a voice like no other, he is also the backbone of the band's creative force. Many people have come and go, but in the 47 plus years the band has been around, Phil has been at every concert, every album, and every function for the band. If he wasn't around anymore, then there would be no band. 

I really hope we can get more time from UFO, because they are one of the greatest bands ever. They have great albums, great live performances, and a great place in my memories.  Do you think anyone could ever replace Phil Mogg?

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